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new December 31, 2012
A completely revamped Brisbane… CLICK HERE to take a look

And…Adelaide is broken off into a separate section… CLICK HERE to take a look

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is a great way of keeping up with the latest news about restaurants in Adelaide and favourites from other Australian and European cities and has replaced our newsletter. Previously only available to subscribers, who will continue to receive what’s hot by email it will now also be available from this window.

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August/September 2012 what’s hot…Obituary for our friend and colleague Bill Sparr, a fab dinner coming up cooked by the Galaxy Guides team at Paracombe wines, Champagne news, the big bitch, rip off and other regualr features… CLICK HERE

July 2012 what’s hot with a splash of Champagne, a dash of Melbourne of course the big bitch, a swipe at the S Pellegrino best female chef awards, a bit about breakfast in Adelaide and a really good review for Andrè’s Cucina and Polenta Bar in the Adelaide CBD… CLICK HERE

May 2012 what’s hot and quite a lot of what’s not hot! Plenty of great Chamoagne news from Chamoagne editor Kaaren Palmer and a new review for Bistro Dom…CLICK HERE

December 2011 what’s hot a great new review for Celsius: tonnes of fabulous new content from Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer especially her review for Restaurant L’Assiette Champenoise. Fabulous pictures from Barcelona’s fabulous market from our friend Mark Doyle. A postcard from Adrian Bennett and 1 to 50 of 100 things to give a gourmand. And…fabulous scallop recipes for our mate Paul Polacco’s wild caught Kangaroo Island scallops…CLICK HERE

September what’s hot
We finally review the new darling of the Barossa Valley fermentAisan which we like a lot! We open the conversation about the South Australian Gourmet Traveller 2012 restaurant awards…we have a go at the ABC with their future plans for their Book Show and invite you to have your say to the ABC…we shamelessly plug two fabulous South Australian Galaxy Guides events the South Australian Champagne Bureau ann dinner at Windy Point Restaurant and our second biodynamic/organic lunch at Paxton Vineyards…CLICK HERE to go to the newsletter.

Sometimes when you let the restaurant order for you you get some surprises…like for instance sugar can prawns that were actually so delicious we could have eaten them all over again!

August what’s hot
please note – we recently reviewed the Botanic Gardens restaurant in Adelaide but with a change of chef this restaurant is again ON HOLD for three months. AO 17 September, 2011

August 29, 2011 —chef Sarah Turner back in the city at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant, a new joint in Adelaide Press, a new vue for Shannon Bennett and a fabulous revamped Coonawarra, Limestone Coast, Robe, Kingston and Naracoorte some great regional South Australian travel READ MORE

The Penola National Trust Community Garden…left the marvellous Kate Spencer cook and gardener extraordinaire and right part of the wonderful garden.

July what’s hot
July 20, 2011 — A lot of local, a touch of government, a splash of Shanghai, a lot of Champagne amd plenty of chef news including Magill Estates Jock Zonfrillo READ MORE

June what’s hot
June 1, 2011 — mainly South Australia with a dash of Shanghai and a smidge of Madagascar we take a look at some cute little suburban Adelaide venues, have two fabuous winter pudding recipes and full details for the June cooking classes with Neil and Tina Jewell from le Quartier Français Bread and Wine restaurant please READ MORE

past issues
22 October, 2010 CLICK HERE
7 July, 2010 CLICK HERE
24 May, 2010 CLICK HERE
18 April, 2010 CLICK HERE

past newsletter
newsletter eighteen — April 2010
What else would we be focusing on other than the San pellegrino World’s top 100 — we re-run Kaaren Palmer’s reviews of noma (number 1) go kaaren you picked it last year — Kaaren also reviews Mathias Dahlgren — we bring you up to speed with everything that has been happening with Galaxy Guides, some great events including the 2010 Coriole Music Festival and much much more including giving you the opportunity to express your disapproval of Melbourne’s lord mayor Robert Doyle who doesn’s appear to think the street art in Melbourne’s lanes is all that important……duh!!

newsletter seventeen — January 2010
Marian Clarkin sums up the Melbourne racing carnival and we suspect too much fun was had by just about everyone. We visit our favourite Adelaide pub the Wheatie, and the word is out Ann Oliver is doing her last Adelaide Festival Supper Club February 26 to March 14 at Red Ochre Restaurant

newsletter sixteen — October 2009
David Thompson’s new book Thai Street Food, Kaaren Palmer reviews one of the world’s hottest restaurants noma, we take a look at a revolutionary new juice extraction method and much more

newsletter fifteen — September 2009
Dr Alexandra Burridge, senior wine editor celebrates the accolades that Rockpool Bar & Grill sommelier Sophie Otton has recently received, Brent Kemble–Beech, possibly Australia’s youngest head chef — Kaaren Palmer shares her visit to the 2 Michelin star dinner with Mathias Dahlgren — Matsalen at the Grand Hotel, Stockholm, and much much more!

newsletter fourteen — August 2009
just shucked a terrific relaxed two weeks of oysters and fizz at Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant, and we’ve been out tasting in the Barossa and Mclaren vale regions just glorious spring in the vinyards + heaps of great events to attend and a new feature hot spots tip offs from friends we trust!

newsletter thirteen — July 2009
Terrific winter tastings in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney that are all so reasonably priced they are bound to clear away the winter blues and a round up of Bastille Day celebrations with some great fun pics from our Melbourne contributor from Sorry Grandma! Bastille Ball…what a hoot!

newsletter twelve — June/July 2009
The phenomena of master chef — our weekend of cooking on the PS Marion for Rockford Wines Steam Powered Dinners — lots of food and wine events especially for Bastille Day — the start of the Australian truffle season and lots of recipes.

newsletter eleven — April/May 2009
More fabulous food, pre event information for the first Galaxy Guide event Cassoulet & Caramel. Dr Alexandra Burridge and Ann Oliver take an in–depth look at the Penfolds Grange pre-release dinners, local and national news and events.

newsletter ten — March 2009
Marian Clarkin rounds up the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and we take a pictorial look at Ayhan Erkoc’s food. Erkoc is chef at Adelaide’s The Manse Restaurant and Bar and currently doing estage at Noma — we review NANO in it’s new location and of course fab food featuring passionfruit recipes. We review the most exquisite food fiction Nicole Mones, The Last Chinese Chef.

newsletter nine — February 2009
Vintage in full swing, great vintage events in South Australia and some cool food.

newsletter eight — January 2009
New Orleans remains one of Americas’s greatest food cities and our friends, chefs Greg and Mary Sonnier have provided a dining list for the truly food and wine obsessed. mary and Greg seem to share our consensus that chef owner and owner operated restaurants offer the best experience. We especially love Mary because she is the founding member of the save water, drink champagne club which you can join by clicking here
Their list is serious, funky and fun and totally obsessed and we can only regret that their fabulous restaurant Gabrielle’s no longer exists lost to the fury of Katrina.
go to their list

This is shameless ’chick lit ’ and it’s pretty unlikely that any male chef (or for that matter male) is going to get into it unless they are a bit pissed (or stoned) and sentimental and/or have been recently dumped by a tough female chef in love with nothing but her food. Girls will get it, especially kick arse female chefs who make it to the top and stay there because they have earned and gained the respect of their male colleagues by being their better, tougher, stronger and…… 

newsletter seven — December 2008
restaurant reviewing We listened with interest to the December 3, Radio National By Design Program in conversation a discussion between the presenter Alan Saunders and Joanna Saville, editor of the Sydney Good Food Guide about restaurant reviewing. The Radio National link above will take you to the pod cast. Having experienced the restaurant review from all sides, the kitchen as chef/restaurateur and now most often with Galaxy Guides from the reviewers side, for what its worth these are my conclusions. In many ways the known restaurant reviewer is far more terrifying than the unknown. Inevitably the soufflé fails to rise, the waiter forgets to order a course, the wine is corked and the sommelier forgets to taste it. Having worked for a company for many years that insisted on VIP dockets in the end I stood my ground and successfully banned them winning my case on the grounds that every customer is a VIP. Not entirely true of course! Staff (and management) usually rank customers by how often they come to a restaurant, how polite (or how much fun) they are, how much they enjoy the experience and very often by how much they tip. Big tippers invariably get the best seats and the best service and tables when there are none. read the full article

newsletter six — November 2008
more books, in fact 100 books to give a food and wine obsessed person for Christmas and yes, we think we have found the best book in perhaps 50 years Alinea. How can anyone so young achieve so much it is just wonderful (not to mention) utterly humbling for the generosity of the recipes and the exquisite artistry of the presentation.
Also our cooks᾿s club program for 2009

newsletter five — October 2008
A biggie for us; Marian Clarkin interviews Ferran Adrià for Galaxy Guides in Melbourne the full interview
books the most important book this year (so far)A day at elBulli, An insight into the ideas, methods and creativity of Ferran Adrià Ferran Adrià — Juli Soler — Albert Adrià Published by Phaidon Press Ltd and much much more

newsletter four — September 2000
mad about Melbourne and our first stage of our comprehensive Melbourne guide

newsletter three — August 2008

newsletter two — July 2008
With the help of friends in Beijing we added to our really great Shanghai guide a very good section on Beijing

newsletter one — June 2008
Our first newsletter basically explaining who we are and what we hold dear and why subscribing to our newsletter is so important for us


below, click on the images to go straight to the reviews…current Adelaide favourites Andrè’s Cucina and Polenta Bar and below Press food and wine, both are rather favourites with Adelaide diners at the moment

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