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September 9, 2017

Champagne Editor Kaaren Palmer writes a monthly Champagne News full of interesting tasting notes, Champagne events both in Australia and overseas and often best buys. Sometimes there is also the opportunity to purchase Champagnes that are difficult to source and in limited supply.

Kaaren Palmer
Champagne expert, award winning author CHAMPAGNE NEWS
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At Galaxy Guides, we are currently focused on our November 1, rebrand and do not have a newsletter. We do have new content each week that is posted on www.galaxyguides.com however the best way to stay with us it so follow us on twitter and instagram by clicking on the icons below.

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below, click on the images to go straight to the reviews… Adelaide favourites Andrè’s Cucina and Polenta Bar and Press Food and Wine. At the bottom a reminder of the great kitchen tested recipes that can be found on Galaxy Guides…check out the recipe index on the top navigation.

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