What constitutes a good restaurant experience? What is the difference between a bad restaurant and a bad night in a restaurant? What as consumers do we have the right to expect for our money? These are just some of the dozens of questions we are constantly asking ourselves when reviewing a restaurant. Our criteria from extremely inexpensive to the limit means that the scope of our expectations, are as broad as the cost of the restaurants we review.
What we do believe is that we have more knowledge between us than can be found in most other food and wine web sites. Personally, 30 years of experience at the highest level, as a chef and industry consultant (a career that still continues). Add winemakers, both of whom are studying the prestigious Masters of Wine and industry individuals it means that our reviews are approached with a level of knowledge of food and cooking, and insight into the running of a restaurant that is unique. Our two non–industry contributors are both fine domestic cooks with an obsession for reading about food, but more importantly they are both highly regarded writers and editors and keep our team mindful that not everyone will eat off a dirty floor because they love the food of a certain chef. In other words they keep our feet on the ground; we have had to acknowledge chefs and winemakers may have the knowledge but they donít always think like a regular diner.

Further the independence of Galaxy Guides is assured by not accepting advertising from restaurants or allowing them to pay for entry onto the site.
It is important to remember that out of the hundreds of restaurants we visit annually very few of these restaurants are reviewed. Despite the fact that there may be criticisms the reader should always remember that these eating establishments are the best in their city or region. We see nothing wrong with steering our readers to a particular dish, or steering them away from a particular dish. The purpose of our reviews is to ensure a good dining experience regardless of the cost.
Apart from very rare instances new restaurants are not reviewed until they have been open for three months. This is out of fairness to both the diner and the establishment as it is our belief that it generally takes a minimum of three months to settle a new restaurant and deliver their full potential.

Ann Oliver
Food Editor and publisher, Galaxy Guides

Glossary of terms
on hold — means that there has been a change ownership or chef and their review is on hold until they have been revisited. The three–month wait period applies unless we have followed the career of the chef or restaurateur and believe they can deliver immediately.
review pending — means exactly that; these establishments are considered worthy of review but in limbo until the establishment is visited/revisited.

Should you visit an establishment and disagree with our review we are interested in your opinion, equally spot a new establishment that is interesting EMAIL US