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Puntarelle with white anchovy and green garlic sauce
serves 4

Puntarelle is an Italian vegetable with bitterness not unlike chicory, but it has a wonderful substantial texture that adds a different dimension. You will be able to buy Puntarelle from Patlin Gardens at the Adelaide Showground’s Market for the next two weeks.

The dressing has an unattractive cement colour and sludgy texture but with the slight crunchiness and softness of the puntarelle, the salty tangy flavour of the anchovy dressing and the super crunch of the croutons it is a delicious combination.

for the puntarelle
4 cups of ice
I bundle puntarelle
20g sea salt
generous splash EV olive oil
30g sugar

for the dressing
3 heads of green garlic
EV olive oil
100g white anchovies, drained of oil and further drained on paper towel
Maldon sea salt
black pepper, freshly ground
1 medium lemon, finely grated rind, strained juice total required 50g strained lemon juice
100g EV olive oil
30g honey
20g sweet balsamic
½ bunch parsley, stalked and finely chopped

other ingredients
½ loaf Jim Lahey crust removed and kept for crumbs, and cut into 2 cm cubes
EV olive oil
Maldon sea salt

for the puntarelle

Put a large pot of hot water on the stove and bring it to the boil and set up and ice bath. Add the salt oil and sugar and then blanch the puntarelle. Because of the different thicknesses, the fact that part of the vegetable will be a little firm and the other slightly soft is just part of the textural differences of this unique vegetable.

Drop into the ice bath to arrest the cooking. When the vegetable is cold drain and dry out on paper towel and allow it to come to room temperature.

for the dressing
pre heat oven to 160°C

Clean up the garlic and cut the tops into 3 cm pieces. Tear of a piece of foil and double it over, then cover with a piece of baking paper. Add a splash of oil and then fold up the baking paper into a sealed parcel. Wrap in foil, put into the oven and set a timer for 45 minutes. When the time goes carefully unfold the foil and check the garlic. Assess how much longer you need to cook the garlic until it is very soft.

When the garlic is cool put everything into a blender and puree. Fry the bread cubes in olive oil until they are golden on all sides and drain on paper towel.

to serve
Lay the puntarelle across a serving plate and spoon the dressing over it and scatter the croutons around the edge.

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Olivia Stratton Makris
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