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recipe index
10–minute magic!
real fast food!
  • morels (mainly) plus a little St. George and Oyster and a little 10–minute magic!
  • pasta vegetarian – 10 minute magic! pasta with cauliflower and herbs
  • Grilled Fig Stuffed Garfish with Almonds and Wild Fennel – uses our favourite figs, can be prepared entirely in advance 10 minutes cooking time!
  • technique
  • wokking it! why so many home cooks get it wrong
  • sous–vide and the home vac
  • perfect poultry poaching a chicken
  • Anzac Day
  • Anzac Day the food parcels from home
  • basics — savoury
    basics — sweet
  • crumble topping turns poached fruit into a miraculous dessert
  • Pam Field’s Sponge the best ever!
  • biscuits — sweet
  • about bread tips and ideas
  • vintage bread a tradition make with the first grapes of vintage
  • classic French bread crusty delicious white bread
  • light rye lightly texture most sand soft delicious with smoked salmon and posh toppings just as good toasted with butter and Vegimite
  • pide bread a really stunning soft white bread inspired by a recipe from Greg Malouf
  • milk bread a great way of using old and soured milk and utterly delicious
  • Jim Lahey’s and Tony Walsh’s fab bread
  • Ann’s rye bread dense and delicious keeps perfectly for a week!
  • delicious toppings for open rye sandwiches
  • classic ciabatta Brent Kemble–Beech
  • gorgeous milk sour dough Rebecca Stubbs
  • molasses rye bread richly textured, dark and moist this recipe is a stunner!
  • cakes
  • quince, lemon curd and riberry sponge delicious and can be made in advance
  • cloud cake Ann Oliver’s best flourless chocolate torte
  • traditional fruit cake
  • gourmet fruit cake chunkier fruit less cake also great with cheese and coffee
  • mandarin and almond cake (gluten free) Claudia Roden
  • Kulich Russian Easter cake
  • Strega cake the late Lucia Rosella’s favourite cake
  • macaroons large and small, spectacular dessert cake
  • Olive’s chestnut torte worth the effort
  • Pam Field’s sponge fabulous!!
  • Pashka Russian Easter cake
  • pistachio macaroon dacquoise a lot of work but a spectacular dessert cake
  • simnell cake English Easter cake
  • cheese making
  • simple cow’s milk cheese crumbed and fried (vegetarian)
  • desserts — cold puddings…
  • Crème Caramel everyone’s favourite we share our recipe!
  • desserts — hot puddings
  • Baba Rum with passionfruit curd new July 2, 2017!
  • Bread & Butter Pudding true 10 minute magic!
  • Ann Oliver’s Self–Saucing Chocolate Pudding fabulous can be made entirely the day before and cooked on the day
  • blackberry crumble good for other types of fruit
  • orange and walnut steamed pudding Bessie Mortimer
  • steamed jam pudding
  • desserts — sweet soufflés
  • Lemon Curd Soufflé gluten free, totally fruit flavour no nasty eggy taste!
  • Passionfruit Curd Soufflé gluten free, totally fruit flavour no nasty eggy taste!
  • Salzburger Knockerl the queen of vanilla souffles and real 10 minute magic!
  • The Mistress’ Own Chocolate Soufflé gluten free takes a little skill but once mastered it’s magic!
  • dips
  • Olive’s Dukkah
  • Babaganoush, smoked eggplant dip
  • Beyesor a stunning broad bean dip from the Middle eastern kitchen
  • Beetroot and Orange
  • dumplings & buns — Asian & Chinese
    Chinese bun dough – the perfect fluffy white bun
  • crispy fried egg the secret is …!
  • Faking it!
  • perfect polenta white and yellow
  • perfect cous cous you guessed it butter makes it better
  • festivals & feasts
  • christmas overview
  • baked ham
  • turkey two ways with a beautiful stuffing
  • plum pudding the Mistress’ own
  • Olive’s fruitcake
  • Olive’s gourmet fruitcake mainly fruit and nuts firm
  • tangelo jelly a light alternative to the Christmas trifle
  • easter
  • easter traditions general information
  • pashka the stunning Russian cheese and glacé easter cake
  • kulichwonderful Russian easter yeast cake
  • Simnel cake traditional British easter cake fruit cake style
  • flowers
  • roses, violets and edible flowers general information
  • roses, violets, orange blossom general information
  • pumpkin and zucchini flowers general information
  • also see rose petal pasta for an interesting recipe using flowers
  • greek
    the absolute best of
  • Auntie Mara’s Galataboureko the most sublime of all Greek desserts
  • apricots
  • Fay Oliver’s brandied cherries
    both cherries and brandy are stunning and not overly sweet
  • cherry clafoutis
    revised recipe 6 January, 2012
  • cherry sauce – cherry ripple – cherry preserve
  • cherries pickled
  • cherry ice cream
  • figs
  • figgy tips and ideas
  • oven baked, gorgonzola stuffed and pancetta wrapped figs…utterly divine and a favourite with everyone and done badly by just about every restaurant where we have tried and approximation
  • glacé figs Grandma Quinn
  • Mille Feuille of fig glacé ginger and pistachio ice cream with fresh figs and pomegranate jelly
  • figs and chocolate baked in filo, chocolate sauce
  • figs and spice bread great with cheese
  • for old and favourite fig recipes click here
  • and even more recipes for figs
  • lemons
  • lemons tips and ideas
  • lemon delicious pudding Fay Oliver
  • lemon curd
  • lemon curd soufflé gluten free when made with pure icing sugar
  • pickled lemons (or limes)
  • limes
  • limes tips and ideas also refer to lemons
  • lime ice cream with pistachio praline and citron makes a spectacular terrine
  • mandarins
  • mandarin and almond cake a twist on Claudia Roden’s (gluten free)
  • mandarin glacé
  • mulberries — white
  • white mulberry, blackberry and Moscato jelly a real showgirl and made entirely in advance
  • mangoes
  • mango tips and ideas
  • mango daiquiri Shirl the pearl’s
  • mango and lime bavarian, raspberry jelly sponge fab dessert cake for 16
  • mango sorbet fast
  • mangoes poached in passionfruit sauce hot and fast, see passionfruit butter!
  • mango gelati fast and eggless!
  • mango ice cream divine!
  • mango and chilli sorbet with glacé chilli
  • mango, prawn, corn and herb salad Thai
  • mango and lime chutney
  • passionfruit
  • Salad of astringent persimmon, pomegranate, herbs and leaves an intriguing, complex and utterly delicious salad perfect for an entrée;
  • pineapple
  • apple and passionfruit jelly fresh pineapple and passionfruit
  • plums (red)
  • plum tips and ideas
  • plum crumble oh yummy mummy (and fast and fabulous!
  • plum jelly a show girl, also good with meat!
  • poached plums
  • plums (mustard) utterly delicious fab with cold meats or roast duck
  • pomegranates
    prickly pears
  • quince paste no waste, keeps indefinitely!
  • strawberries
    jelly and gelatine
  • tangelo jelly a light alternative to the Christmas trifle
  • white mulberry, blackberry and Moscato jelly a reall showgirl and completely made in advance
  • macaroons
  • pistachio macaroons a lot of work but worth the effort
  • pastry
  • Grandma Quinn’s Choux Pastry a really brilliant recipe!
  • Olive’s Sweet Pastry tried and true we haven’t found a better recipe in the last 10 years!
  • sauces sweet
  • poppy seed tart utterly divine but you'll only be able to make it if you own or can borrow a poppy seed mill
  • savoury tarts
    sweet tarts
  • Tarte di Santiago simple, simply delicious!
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    mainly savoury
    meat, seafood and vegetarian
  • classic minestrone absolutely perfect
  • classic pea and ham soupa one pot miracle, a meal in a bolw!
  • New orleans potato and oyster soup a winner with absolutely everyone
  • Swiss Brown, Oyster Mushroom and Rocklobster Soup a base recipe that can easily be changed according to available seafood
  • meat
  • Michael Voumard’s Thai beef salad makes the old Aussie barby obsolete!
  • Kangaroo
  • Iceberg sandwich of barbecue chilli kangaroo and smoked eggplant simple and utterly delicious…a showgirl dish!
  • slow cooked neck and shoulder of Hay Valley lamb
  • a little history of restaurant’s serving kangaroo in Australia
  • offal…yummy!
  • Bolito Misto the best of the Italian one pot dishes
  • mushrooms
  • Chestnut and Oyster Mushroom Salad real KIS KIF this is a delicious textural salad
  • Swiss Brown, Oyster Mushroom and Rocklobster Soup a base recipe that can easily be changed according to available seafood
  • morels (mainly) plus a little St. George and Oyster and a little 10–minute magic!
  • mushrooms about mushrooms
  • pine mushrooms with crisp pancetta, sage and pasta
  • pine mushrooms
  • mushroom soufflé
  • mushroom ragu with polenta for perfect polenta click here
  • mushroom frittata
  • a toss of wild and cultivated mushrooms with fresh pasta
  • pasta
  • pasta dough perfect
  • pasta vegetarian – 10 minute magic! pasta with cauliflower and herbs
  • toss of pasta with wild mushrooms
  • garlic squid pasta the perfect 10–minute meal!
  • pasta sweet
    rose petal pasta
  • pickling and preserving
  • apricots (mustard) utterly delicious and we’ve also listed our local apricot supplier
  • Buddha’s hands jam
  • Buddha’s hands glacé
  • cherries pickled
  • cherry sauce – cherry ripple – cherry preserve
  • olive’s chilli jam and glacé chilli
  • cauliflower mustard pickle Bessie Mortimer
  • gherkins how to cure them and three different types of pickling marinades
  • kumquats pickled sweet–sour and sweet
  • Margaret’s Marmalade best made with Seville oranges, simple and stunning except for the bloody pips!
  • olives black
  • olives green
  • olive oil judging picking the good oils
  • lemons pickled
  • limes pickled
  • mango and lime chutney
  • onions pickled Garth Oliver and the best
  • pesto classic Genovese basil pesto
  • plums (mustard) utterly delicious fab with cold meats or roast duck
  • polenta
  • chicken marakesh interesting flavour profile
  • chicken mayonnaise with cos and asparagus
  • pumpkin and mograbieheh
  • tomato, mozzarella, basil KIS KIF, the best!
  • chick pea and vegetable salad with tahina dressing
    also covers making your own tahina
    KIS KIF, the best!
  • watermelon, feta, sesame
  • Roman dressing perfect for a mix of bitter and sweet leaves
  • roasted sesame dressing terrific for Middle Eastern combos chick peas, broad beans, pickled lemon or lime and herbs
  • oysters
  • oysters with ruby grapefruit subtle and exquisite a perfact match for and aged Champagne
  • oysters tips ideas and shucking
  • natural oysters
  • cooked oysters
  • oysters kilpatrick Australia’s favourite oyster
  • New Orleans potato and oyster soup our favourite!
  • smoked oysters
  • olatini a pure vodka martini with a lemon twist and an oyster natural
  • prawns
  • garlic prawns the perfect 10–minute meal!
  • Australian Southern Rocklobster
  • smoking salmon simple and utterly divine!
  • tea and spice smoked salmon this is true KIS KIF!
  • sardines
  • harissa grilled sardines, with merquez, pine nuts and raisins Tony Carroll, Jolleys Boathouse
  • oven baked sardines in macadamia crusts Dennis Whetstone, Red Ochre, Adelaide South Australia
  • scallops
  • cleaning scallops general information and everything you need to know to start from live
  • grilled scallopsreal fast food!
  • scallop sashimi divine!
  • scallop and leek saucefantastic with pasta
  • squid
  • garlic squid pasta the perfect 10–minute meal!
  • vegetarian
  • pasta vegetarian – 10 minute magic! pasta with cauliflower and herbs
  • pumpkin fritters with a salad of cavolo nero, caulibroc and aubergine sensational vegetarian lunch for six
  • simple cow’s milk cheese crumbed and fried (vegetarian)
  • vegetables
  • click here for clear instructions for preparing, preserving in oil, preserving by the sous–vide method
  • asparagus
  • asparagus tips and ideas
  • broad beans
  • Beyesor a stunning broad bean dip from the Middle eastern kitchen
  • cabbage
  • Cabbage Rolls make this fabulous recipe and everyone, no matter how sophisticated will love you!
  • garlic
  • Garlic absolutely everything you need to know from storing to roasting and some great uses
  • pumpkin
  • Puntarelle with white anchovy and green garlic sauce unusual and delicious this scifi like vegetable has a very short season
  • tomatoes
  • olive’s chunky tomato sauce just the start of many delicious tomato recipes coming your way!
  • watermelon radish
  • watermelon radish, black lentil and herb salad with sesame dressing complex and delicious with dozens of possible permutations
  • weeds
  • weeds or if you are feeling particularly modern foraging…hmm!
  • winter vegetables
  • winter vegetables root vegetables and potatoes tips and recipes
  • olive’s pasties
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    Monday August 7, 2017

    almond blossom ice cream
    something so seasonal you’ll probably only make it once a year, in other words, blink and you’ll miss the opportunity! Click on the image below to go straight to the recipe.

    pasties…it’s always great to have something in the freezer for unexpected guests and Ann’s homemade pasties are just the best for an instant casual winter lunch.

    Click the image below to go straight to the recipe.

    the perfect winter lunch!!! from the Italian kitchen… bolito misto…basically boiled meats and we know, not a pretty dish, but, of so delicious! Click on the image to go to the recipe.

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