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pickled lemons or limes

Make a deep vertical crosscut into lemons and prizing them gently apart put a teaspoon of good quality sea salt and close again.
Put the salted lemons into a sterilised jar and cover with strained fresh lemon juice. Leave in a cool place with a constant temperature for about two months or until the skin goes translucent. If you don’t have access to cheap/free lemons frozen 100% lemon juice is a very good option but we have tried preserved lemon juice and had to throw the whole batch out.

tip— pack your chutney in sterilised jars or if you are vaccing make sure to use meticulously clean utensils and food service gloves.

salted lime and mango chilli pickle

to salt the limes
50 limes, thinly sliced
15 large red chillies, split lengthwise
2kg rock salt

to finish
250ml vegetable oil
few drops sesame oil
20g fenugreek seeds
30g coriander seed
20g cumin seeds
100g ginger/garlic, finely minced
50g ground turmeric
3kg fresh or frozen (unsweetened) mango cheeks

tip — since we have had a vac machine we vac the dried salted limes and then when the mangoes are at their cheapest we finish the chutney. Works brilliantly!

want to make some
lovely lime curd

click here and also check out lemon recipes all of which will work equally as well with limes!

try this
Mix some EV olive oil into some of the chutney to make a paste and roll thick white fish fillets through it and allow them to stand on a rack at room temperature for 10 minutes before roasting them in a pre heated 220°C oven — 180g – 200g portion 10 to 12 minutes, salmon 8 to 10 minutes.
Serve with plain rice with some finely chopped pickled lime and a simple mango salad dressed with a few drops of sesame oil, red onion, coriander and some fresh lime juice.