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Olive’s Sweet Pastry
makes 60 dessert canapé tart cases, 1 x 28 cm shallow flan or 1 x 25 cm deep flan with sufficient left over for about 12 x 3 cm round biscuits that can be iced

This recipe hasn’t changed in 10 years it’s a great short sweet pastry. Don’t stress that it can’t be picked up in a single sheet. No one see’s the inside anyway. Small tarts do not need to be blind baked but larger tart cases will benefit from blind baking.

300g strong flour
100g icing sugar
200g COLD unsalted butter cut into pieces
2 x 61–68g COLD egg yolks

Put the flour and icing sugar into a food processor and mix together. With the motor running add the butter and as soon as it is incorporated add the egg yolks. Knead together wrap in plastic and rest for at least 30 minutes in a cool place.

After rolling rest at least 30 minutes in the fridge before baking.

Pre heat oven to 160°C
Cook until golden.


  • The trick of great pastry is COLD, cold eggs, cold butter even cold flour and sugar if it is a very hot kitchen (or day) and then don’t overwork…get that right and you𕢙ve got good pastry sussed!
  • This pastry is fragile when it comes straight from the oven. Do not remove from forms until it is almost cold.
  • Any left over pastry can be rolled into a cylinder and cut into biscuits. Sandwiched together with lemon butter icing, melted chocolate or hazelnut ganache they are yummy!!!

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