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egg size
egg size is the most important point to understand when making pasta dough. If your favourite Italian chef or nona offers up their pasta dough recipe you need to ask the right questions.

  • what size of egg and if it’s your nona, weigh them
  • and what type of flour
  • Armed with this information you have a 50:50 change of recreating their recipe

    perfect pasta dough
    main course for 8

    450g bakers flour
    7g fine sea salt
    12g EV olive oil
    4 cold 68g whole eggs
    3 cold egg yolks from 68g eggs

    Before you even think about making pasta, throw the clamp that comes with the pasta machine in the bin. Head for your nearest hardware store and buy a decent clamp.

    Weigh the flour, salt and EV olive oil into the large bowl of your electric mixer and using the k–beater mix together for a minute. Add the whole eggsand egg yolks and mix together. Do not overwork. Knead on a very lightly floured board until smooth and refrigerate for one hour before rolling.

    tips — if you have a vac machine this is a great way of keeping some dough ready to use. We do not recommend freezing our dough it is an altered state and never as good as fresh dough or dough that has been vacced.
    We use long bags, take what we need and re–vac.

    No time to make your own
    We only buy to brands of commercial pasta Rustichella (comes in a brown paper bag) expensive, yes, but it plumps perfectly. This makes it pretty good value! We particularly like their spiralli and spaghettini. Spaghetti we only buy Martinelli and yes again we know it is expensive, but cooked it gives very good value for money and it plumps far better than some cheap brands.

    this is a 10–minute magic! click on the image to go to the recipe.

    We do make our own tomato sauce, but have to admit for home use we buy Lucia’s traditional Napolitana Sauce. This is a brilliant product, traditionally made without preservatives – their sauce is now pretty much available nationally in Australia from independent stores!