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Barley Risotto with Chestnuts and Prunes
delicious as an accompaniment but used to stuff a roast duck or turkey utterly divine
Serves 6
takes 90 minutes but doesn’t need constant attention

250g red onion, peeled weight, finely diced
150g butter
Maldon sea salt
black pepper, freshly ground
24 large fresh chestnuts, peeled click here for methods, if you are using dried chestnuts see tip below
24 dried pitted prunes, moistened with a little water and left to rest over night
300g Four Leaf organic pearl barley
1.250L chicken or vegetable stock, boiling
250ml cold water
hand full sage, crisped in a little EV olive oil

Sauté the onion in the butter generously seasoning it with salt and pepper until the rawness is gone. Add the barley and sauté it for two to three minutes. Add 500ml of the chicken stock, stir over and turn the heat down to the lowest possible, even swapping your pan to your smallest burner. Cook stirring from time to time and then the stock is almost evaporated add the remaining 250ml of stock and continue cooking. When the barley is almost cooked, add the truffle paste and water and cook just long enough to reduce the liquid to a sloppy sauce. Stir through the herbs and serve. The barley should still be firm but tender and separate from the oozing liquid.

tip — if you are using dried chestnuts soak overnight in cold water

other ideas
The risotto is a wonderful stuffing for your Christmas turkey, goose or an every day winter roast duck and we always throw a few chestnuts into the freezer to use for Christmas.

Four Leaf Organics is a fabulous South Australian company who now sell their wonderful products through the world, but particularly in Australia visit their web site is an excellent web site with clear information about their product range and stockists.

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for a simplified version of roast duck with chesnuts cut the nuts in half and mix with the onion and roast the ducks. The chesnuts can easily be peeled when the ducks are roasted and then mixed back into the onion with a bit of stock you have the most marvellous sauce.