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we’re mad about mushrooms

So fast & fabulous, so forgiving, so easy, so inexpensive (well if you’re not into a truffle a day) and so utterly versatile.
We need to thank Marco Martinelli, Mushroom Man’s Mushroom House for allowing us to publish this terrific raft of recipes he employed me to write. From the simple to the complex every recipe it wonderfully delicious with a wonderful depth of flavour.

recipe and images copyright © Mushroom Man Mushroom House and Ann Oliver 2009
visit Mushroom Man’s Mushroom House

mushroom recipes
pine mushrooms with crisp pancetta, sage and pasta click here
pine mushrooms click here
mushroom soufflé click here
mushroom ragu with polenta click here
mushroom frittata click here
a toss of wild and cultivated mushrooms with fresh pasta — click here


the people behind Galaxy Guidesfood editor and publisher
Ann Oliver

champagne editor
Kaaren Palmer


Jan Bowman
Political comentator, briliant photographer…farmers’s market obsessed…Brisbane based.

Olivia Stratton Makris
Masters of Gastronomy, NYC, Spain and constant assistance and editorial suggestion…Adelaide based.

Michael Martin…Northern America 2016.Photographic assistance Kym Martin…Adelaide based.

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copyright © text, recipes and images Ann Oliver & Kaaren Palmer 2016.