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Oysters Cooked

  • I still dream about Carpetbag steak with a decent Béarnaise sauce.
  • Rare grilled kangaroo with fresh oyster sauce, made with caramelised onions, red wine reduction, veal glaze, a splash of balsamic and right at the last minute a few fresh oysters stirred through.
  • Or our oyster ravioli with pernod butter and fresh pepper, so difficult to handle they are dropped on strips of baking parchment into the cooking water, from where they finally drop off when cooked.
  • Oysters Kilpatrick click here

Oysters Deep–fried

  • Oysters, deep–fried in a thin, light batter made with self–raising flour, a pinch of salt and Coopers ale, served with an egg yolk mayonnaise flavoured with chilli and tabasco and served on a cooling bed of ripe avocado. That old French classic of crumbed deep fried oysters with fried parsley, sauce tartare and a wedge of lemon. Sad, that those few inherited dishes of our early Australian cuisine that were actually edible, have been lost to our restaurant tables.