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Home cooks used to ring and email asking all sorts of understandable questions. What if they haven’t opened? How do you clean them? How can you tell if they are off? Then of course how do you cook them? So for most Australians without a Mediterranean heritage mussels remained a food that was strictly the territory of restaurants and even there they fell from grace in restaurants because they were under so much pressure for wages that the labour to cleaning them made them almost prohibitive. All of this changed with ’pot ready’ kilo cryovac packs that are mainly from the pristine waters of South Australia (recommended).

No more cleaning and scraping and scrubbing and with and eight to ten day shelf life from the packaging date and they are really a fantastic product. Most brands say that the liquid in the pack can be used, we disagree and suggest you drain and rinsed the mussels before cooking them. And whilst I still can’t do it, the idea of a mussel that doesn’t open should be discarded click here for the proof that we chefs are completely wrong!

KIS KIF keep is simple, keep it fresh. Plain steamed mussels served with nothing more than bread and butter and a lemon!

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