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Buddha’s Hands Jam

It is important to understand that Buddha’s hands are not waxed and will not keep as long as waxed citrus. When you buy them put them in a food storage bag and refrigerate to keep them from dehydrating.

750g Buddha’s hands (roughly 2)
1kg sugar
750g water
5g citric acid – optional but if you want to spread in on your toast you might like it a bit thicker

Wash the Buddha’s hands and slice them finely on a mandolin. Blanche the slices in boiling water for a minute and refresh under cold running water.
Put the sugar and water into a saucepan that I at least twice the volume because it boils high.
Bring to the boil add the blanched Buddha’s hands and cook until it thickens and starts to colour. Take care to watch it when it starts to colour because it burns easily.

when the jam is finished it has a pale godlen colour and the consistency of good clear marmalade but requires a lot less work to get to that consistency.