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Thousand Layer Apple Cake
serves 16 – makes 1 x 28 cm torte

for the caramel
350g caster sugar
120g water

for the cake
approximately 6kg apples
1 lemon, sliced and squeezed into a bucket half filled with cold water

1 x 28 cm diameter x 10 cm high round seamless tin

Cut a disk of baking paper the same size as the tin.

Make toffee with the sugar and water and tip it into a seamless 28 cm cake tin. Allow to stand for a minute then taking great care not to burn yourself roll the toffee around the sides of the tin. Allow to cool completely and set before proceeding.

Peel the apples and put them into the acidulated water. Working four at a time, dry them, quarter them and slice them very finely and make a spiral layer of apple on top of the toffee – refer to images. Continue the process meticulously for four layers and then continue the layers slicing off two sides in rounds and the other two sides and continue until the tin is completely filled — see notes.

Cover with the prepared disk of baking paper and then tightly seal with a double layer of foil. pre heat oven to 150°C

Fill a deep roasting dish with very hot water and put the cake in the water. Cook for six hours then check. The cooking time depends on how long the apples have been picked, but it is easy to tell when it is cooked. The level will have dropped by about 50% and the apples with have a translucent caramel colour.

Cool the cake on a rack and when cool enough refrigerate overnight.

to serve
Select a large deep round serving plate. Run a knife around the edge of the tin, and remembering that there will be a lot of syrup invert the cake onto the plate.


  • When using the 10 cm high tin you end up with a 5 cm high cake, however when making individual portions in say, 200 ml darioles it is necessary to pile the apples at least 2-3 cm above the top of the dariole.

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