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Champagne news
a global round–up of Champagne news by Kaaren Palmer…please CLICK HERE

There has been great feedback from people who have taken Kaaren’s advice re one day in Champagne and we though that since so many people are currently travelling or planning spring travels we’d bring it to your attention again.

one day in Champagne…July 29, 2012
If you have but one day in Champagne Kaaren Palmer has the list that lets you make the most of your day… CLICK HERE and much more Champagne news including dinners in Adelaide and Sydney CLICK HERE

The beautiful town of Epernay

Where to drink Champagne in Paris from Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer… CLICK HERE

the launch of our estage competition has been delayed mainly to give the project the time it needs to get it right…to meet past sauchin estages please CLICK HERE

to see and read about sauchin 2011 please



The great Southern Rock (crayfish if you are an Aussie) is back in season and the quality we have been getting has been fantastic. I’ve been lucky enough to eat lobster all over the world but chefs agree nothing compares to South Australian crayfish and we’ll have lots of new (and some old favourites) over the coming months of the season. The problem is sashimi is damned hard to go past!

Crayfish, crayfish consommé jelly, tomato essence jelly, porcini and truffle cream

web site last updated
Saturday January 5, 2012

brisbane Australia…dining, shopping, arts and markets… CLICK HERE
new 31 December, 2012

Also check out Kaaren Palmer’s where to drink Champagne in Brisbane… CLICK HERE

later this week
Olivia Stratton adds to Barcelona with some fantastic tips that range from market eating to Michelin starred restaurants.

Everyone’s favourite and originally recommended by Ferran Adrià in an interview by Melbourne contributor Marian Clarkin, for Galaxy Guides in 2008. Since that time dozens of Galaxy Guides readers have visited and enjoyed this tiny little bar that has never succumbed to the tourist…image © Olivia Stratton

adelaide and South Australia…dining, shopping, markets and regional… CLICK HERE
new 29 December, 2012

try a little KIS KIF
keep it simple, keep it fresh and leave yourself some time to have some fun!

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super salads vegetarian, utterly delicious, raid your garden, open your fridge and use what you have!…please click on the images below to go straight to the recipes.


Galaxy Guides
will reopen mid February 2013

Intstigated by SATC China National Geographic China Traveller a resource for Mandarin speaking visitors to South Australia… CLICK HERE

the mango season is in full force and we have some fantastic tried and true recipes…why not start with Shirl the Pearl’s Mango Daiquiri and move on from there?

Click on the image above or to find more recipes CLICK HERE

almost…a manual for where to eat and drink at the casual level in Venice this lovely book comes highly recommended.

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restaurant reviews and lists
…please CLICK HERE

New York
is taking a little longer than planned with collecting images that represents the reviews and in the meantime
Helen Stephan has been assisting us (with many others including Southern Rocklobster USA and the Penfolds winemaking team) in compiling the New York list which will be launched in November 2012 on Galaxy Guides. The famous, the quirky, from wine festivals to the best dim sum in New York it is an impressive list.

The really fantastic thing is that Helen Stephen and other COOKS’ CLUB members will continue to add to this list so that every trip you make there will be something new and exciting to discover in this amazing city!

New employment ads…please CLICK HERE

to Galaxy Guides CLICK HERE

ADELAIDE — South Australia
revamped 29 December 2012
MELBOURNE — Victoria
BRISBANE — Queensland
totally revamped 31 December 2012
PERTH — Western Australia
is currently being updated
SYDNEY — New South Wales
DARWIN — Northern Territory
some time in 2013
HOBART — Tasmania sometime soon we hope,in the meantime if you are travelling to Tassie check out events on where you are bound to meet others who share your philosophy – bookings can be made from their site.


SHANGHAI revamped 23 July, 2010

FRANSCHHOEK — The Tasting Room
Le Quartier Français

the very famous restaurateur and chef couple Mary and Greg Sonnier gave us fab list that explores the glitz and the ritz and the humble
contributor helen Stephan and friends have compiled a brilliant list which will go live at the beginning of February 2013!

United Kingdom
contributorDavid Hay
LONDON— the fat duck

Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer

Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer
PARIS — were to drink Champagne
L’Assiette Champenoise
Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer

STOCKHOLM — Mathias Dalgren
Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer

contributorDavid Hay
contributor Marian Clarkininterview with Ferran Adrià and his tips for dining in and around the Barcelona markets CLICK HERE

contributor Stella Chedari
December 2012

VENICEDecember 2012

contributor Rebecca Stubbs
TOKYO — from three stars to tiny noodle bars seating just a gfew people

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food editor and publisher
Ann Oliveremail

wine editors
Dr Alexandra Burridge
Duane Coates

regular contributors
Marian Clarkin — melbourne, victoria

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best terraces

Spectacular views sensational wine lists and fab food and all at very affordable prices..

our shanghai
my Shanghai (well me and my mates)! completely updated with many new restaurants, updates on old favourites, a couple removed and some great new cheap eats

full business facilities and catering available
perfect for private business entertaining
and accommodation

book reviews
currently reading Barbara Santich’s Bold Palates…and whilst I haven’t started reading it yet can’t wait to gobble up Max Allen’s latest offering The History of Australian Wine which at a glance has the mot wonderful book design and fabulous photographs and we don’t expect the content to disappoint!