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The Mistress’ Own Plum Pudding
makes 1/2 large puddings, 12/24 portions

200g/400g seedless raisins
200g/400g sultanas
65g/125g candied peel, finely chopped
65g/125g glacé red cherries
65g/125g glacé ginger, roughly chopped
235g/275g fresh Mejhul dates or 250g soft pitted Chinese dates, cut into 3
120g/250g glacé apricot, cut into quarters
½ /1 granny smith apple peeled and quartered
½ /1 large carrot peeled and roughly chopped
125g/250g suet white part only roughly chopped lightly frozen and finely minced
125g/250g stale white bread
2/4 oranges zest of all, juice of two and a half
½ /1 lemon zest of all, juice of half
125g/250g plain flour
125g/250g soft brown sugar
½ teasp/5g mixed spice
½ teasp/5g cinnamon
¼ /1/2 a nutmeg
3whole eggs and 1 yolk/7 x 61g eggs or equivalent at room temperature
185ml/375ml Guinness stout or other stout replace with dry ginger ale
50ml/100ml cognac replace with fresh strained orange or lemon juice

Place the raisins, sultanas, candied peel, glacé ginger, cherries, dates and into a large bowl. Add the orange and lemon zest, and strain the juice onto the fruit. Grate the nutmeg into the bowl, and add the cinnamon and mixed spice. Add the cognac and the stout; mix well, cover with plastic and allow to stand in a cool place for at least five hours or preferably over night.
Tear up the bread, and process in the food processor, add the flour, and process until very fine. With the motor running add the chilled suet and process until you have what resembles very fine breadcrumbs - add to the fruit. Process the carrot and apple in a food processor until it is fine then add to the fruit mix. Whisk the eggs with an electric mixer until they start to foam, add the sugar, and whisk until thick and fluffy. Mix everything well, cover with plastic and allow to rest in a cool place overnight.
Put about 10cm of water into two large saucepans and put a small old plate in the bottom of each pot. Generously butter and flour two pudding basins and wrap each basin tightly in cloth or line a cloth with baking parchment and tie up or if your prefer to be more modern two layers of microwave safe plastic wrap. Put one pudding in each pot, cover with a lid and steam the puddings for four hours, making sure that you check the level of the steamer frequently. Allow the pudding to cool in the basin or cloth and put into the freezer.

To serve
Take the pudding out of the freezer last thing Christmas Eve and steam the pudding in the same manner for two hours and keep warm in the pot. Carefully unwrap and un-mould onto your serving plate. Flame with warmed cognac. Don’t go overboard with the cognac one year we momentarily set fire to the tablecloth.

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