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Tangelo Jelly
serves 6 — very easy, very fast

1L strained tangelo juice
20g caster sugar, optional
20g leaf gelatine
3 tangelos, coarsely grated rind, fruit segmented
100g powdered isomalt
few edible flowers for garnish, jumping or violets jacks look gorgeous
runny cream, optional

essential equipment
silicon sheets
small rolling pin
6 x 150ml darioles, lightly oiled with almond or apricot oil

pre heat oven to 180°C
Mix the rind and powdered isomalt together and spread onto a baking sheet that is covered with a silicon sheet (smooth side up), and place it in the oven. Set a time for 4 minutes and continue checking until the isomalt has melted. Remove from the oven, cover with another silicon sheet (smooth side down) and using the rolling pin roll the molten isomalt out thinly. Allow to cool slightly and then carefully peel away the top silicon sheet. Allow the tangelo glass to become brittle and completely cooled before removing from the bottom sheet. Store in an airtight container, best not made more than a couple of hours in advance unless you have some silica gel.

to serve
Unmould the jelly into the centres of serving plates and divide the segments and juice around the jellies. Garnish with the flowers and tangelo glass then either drizzle with the cream or serve the cream in a jug and let people help themselves.

tip — we love Harding’s Fine Foods apricot and almond oil and they can now be found at most good specialty food shops.

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Masters of Gastronomy, NYC, Spain and constant assistance and editorial suggestion…Adelaide based.

Michael Martin…Northern America 2016.Photographic assistance Kym Martin…Adelaide based.

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