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Shirl the Pearl is the fabulous slim wasted exotic red head who ran the floor at Mistress Augustine’s for a very long time, 30 years on she still looks as gorgeous and still makes the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted.

Shirl the Pearl’s
mango & lime daiquiris

makes 6, but always make two batches, because 1 per person is simply never enough

6 small very ripe mangoes or equivalent (roughly 120g peeled and stoned weight per cocktail), peeled and roughly chopped
6 small limes, finely grated rind 2, strained juice of all
180 mil Bacardi
180 mil Cointreau
1 cup of crushed ice + extra ice for the glasses

essential equipment
MYCOOK or Thermomix, blender, stick mixer

Measure out the alcohol into the blender. Juice the limes, and strain into the blender. Peel the mangoes, and slice the fruit into the blender, add the ice and blend. Place a little crushed ice into each glass, and pour the daiquiri over the ice and serve at once.

As peeling the mangoes is quite messy and time consuming if you’re having a lot of people make several batches of the daiquiri in advance, and put into a beautiful jug, cover it, and refrigerate it. Add a little crushed ice at the last minute and let everyone serve themselves.

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