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toffee crusted lemon or lime curd tarts have become inescapable for us bepuse everyone always wants them included on their canapé menu and the truth is that even though we have been making them for an eternity we still squabble over the leftovers.

tip — we like to keep things fresh, just bakes it tastes so much better and since the advent of silicon form ware we can roll the pastry the day before and refrigerate baking right at the last minute. So Yummy!

soufflé tip
if you use cold egg whites it just never works properly because egg whites will not whisk properly and the sugar will not dissolve.

lemon or lime curd
makes approximately 800g – 30 canapé tarts

300g strained lemon juice
6 x 61g (extra large) egg yolks
3 x 61g (extra large) whole eggs
240g icing sugar
300g unsalted butter, cold and cut into small pieces

This is best made in a microwave, doesn’t burn and doesn’t need constant attention. Every microwave is slightly different so you might need to play with it. Alternatively you can make it on top of a double boiler — but it takes for ever! It goes without saying we assume that you are smart enough to use microwave safe cooking equipment and we do not recommend Pyrex or glass equipment, in most instances it is much hotter than the plastic type and throws the whole recipe out.

eggs — eggs must be warmed in a bowl of hot tap water especially if your are using conventional cooking methods.

Heat the lemon juice for 1 minute on high in the microwave. Whisk together the eggs and icing sugar and add the boiling lemon juice. Microwave for 5 minutes on medium high, whisk well and return to the microwave for another 5 minutes on medium high. It should be very thick.
Add the butter push it under the curd base and allow it to stand for maximum 5 minutes then whisk thoroughly until incorporated.

tip — freezes brilliantly vacs even better if you have access to one.

Thermomix or blender - we use a mix of caster sugar and Billington’s Muscovado dark sugar for toffee crusts. It caramelises much quicker.

lemon or lime
curd soufflé

This curd makes the most brilliant gluten free soufflé (provided you use ground caster rather than commercial icing sugar)
per soufflé 80g curd and 90g room temperature egg white whisked with 5g caster sugar and 2g fresh strained lemon juice.

My mate Poo a long time ago. He’s now 18, as tall as an American basketball player and still loves cooking and going to restaurants!
If only we could teach him to clean up!