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Strega Cake
serves 16 to 20 — tin size 28cm

1 x 8 egg Pam Field’s sponge (2 X 28cm layers) click here

for the glacé orange and Strega syrup
6 oranges, peeled with a peeler, peel finely julienned and blanched in hot water and refreshed under cold, juiced and juice strained
225g caster sugar
125ml water
250ml Strega

for the orange patisserie cream
200g plain flour
250g caster sugar
50g unsalted butter, melted
2 oranges, grated rind and 250ml strained juice
500ml milk
500ml cream
1 vanilla pod, split and scraped
4 whole extra large eggs and 12 extra large egg yolks, whisked
50ml Strega

for the glacé orange and Strega syrup
Put the sugar and water into a heavy based saucepan and place it on high heat. Bring it to the boil, add the orange juice, and using a fine tea sieve skim and scum that rises to the surface, rinsing the sieve in cold water. When the syrup is thickened to a heavy sugar syrup consistency, add the rind and cook for another couple of minutes until it turns translucent. Allow to cool until it is just warm, strain the syrup from the rind, allowing the syrup to drain well, and stir the Strega through the syrup.

for the orange patisserie cream
Warm all the whole eggs. Put the flour, caster, whole eggs, melted butter and orange juice into the large bowl of an electric mixer and mix to a paste. Mix the vanilla pod, seeds and orange rind into the milk and cream and either in the microwave or by conventional methods bring the milk and cream to the boil. Remove the vanilla pod, then with the motor running, slowly add the boiling infusion to the flour/sugar/eggs and quickly transfer it to a heavy saucepan. Cook over low heat until very thick, then slowly whisk in the egg yolks and stir through the Strega. Remove from the heat, stand on a cake rake, scrape down the sides of the bowl, cover with plastic and pierce a couple of small holes in the plastic to allow the steam to escape and allow the patisserie cream to become completely cold before assembling the cake.

to assemble
Cut the 2 sponges into half and place one piece in the centre of the plate. Spoon 1/4 of the syrup over the sponge and then cover with 1/3 of the patisserie cream. Repeat the process with the other layers, putting the final 1/4 of the syrup on the top layer. Cover the top with a sheet of Freezer-go-between and then wrap in plastic and refrigerate.

finishing the cake
This cake can be finished in three ways, whipped cream, Italian meringue and both of three can be done the day before, or meringue early morning.

whipped cream
1 litre cream
100g caster sugar
75ml Strega

Put everything into the large bowl of an electric mixer and whisk until it is very stiff. Cover the top and sides with cream, then pipe decorative edges on the top edge and bottom of the cake. Garnish with the drained rind.


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