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Quince, Passionfruit Curd and Riberry Sponge
serves 12 – 16…depending on level of decadence!!!

This wonderful cake takes three tried and true recipes and assembles them in a new and novel way. We are always looking for desserts that can be made in advance, especially when we are entertaining ourselves and don…t want to spend time with our guests rather than battling last minute cooking!!

1 x 8 egg Pam Field’t sponge cooked in two layers…please click here for the recipe
750g sweet quince syrup
approximately 1kg sweet poached quince, sliced thinly…please click here to go to the recipe and scroll down
1 double quantity of passionfruit curd…please click here to go to the recipe
100g riberries, seeds removed
8 passionfruit, pulp removed

Without removing the paper from the sponge layers, cut one of them into two and put the unpapered side down on your presentation plate. Drizzle syrup over the layer, spread with curd and then cover with quince slices. Flip the papered side down and carefully remove the paper and repeat the process twice.

Remove the paper from the top layer and smother the cake with the passionfruit curd, then decorate with the quince and riberries. Refrigerate until read to serve.

A few minutes before you want to serve spoon the passionfruit over the top.

Because of the egg content in the passionfruit curd this cake must be stored in the fridge.

If you love this cake you might also like our Cloud Cake the ultimate in chocolate cakes. Click on the image to go straight to the recipe!

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