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Serves 12
[instructions for 6 serves explained at the end of this recipe…if you don’t have a vac machine get a life and go buy one]

100g palm sugar, finely shaved
20g lime rind, finely grated
75g strained lime juice
75g Mega Chef fish sauce
20g ginger/garlic
10g lime leaf, very finely chopped
25g peeled weight galangal, finely grated
5g sesame oil
40g p/w lemon grass, finely chopped
400g coconut milk
1 bunch of sword tooth coriander, very finely julienned

1 x 1.8kg [approximately] chicken…our favourite
Barossa Birds check their web site for stockists.
to poach the chicken please CLICK HERE
75g peeled weight, finely sliced shallots
vegetable or peanut oil
250g raw peanuts, roasted at 160°ree;C, roughly chopped
I large sugar pineapple, peeled cored and sliced into bite size pieces
2 chokos, peeled and coarsely grated
150g very fresh bean shoots

extra finely chopped chilli in a small amount of Mega Chef fish sauce for those who like it very hot

1 bunch coriander, leaves only
1 bunch Thai basil, leafed
½ bunch rau ram, leafed


Mix everything together and leave at room temperature and stir from time to time until the palm sugar is dissolved.

Pull the chicken from the bones and shred it with your hands. If you are making a ½ recipe separate off half, vac it and whack it in the freezer. (How to thaw perfectly follows at the end.)

Staring with cold vegetable oil, peanut if you can, cook the shallots stirring from time to time until they start to lightly colour. The next stage can happen quickly, so be prepared. Set up a sieve over a stainless steel bowl and cover a small tray with a double layer of paper towel. Stand and stir until the shallots are evenly golden and immediately tip them into the sieve and shake of the excess oil. Tip them onto the prepared tray and spread them out with your fingers. When they have cooled line a container with a double layer of paper towel, put the shallots in and cover with an airtight lid. Do not refrigerate leave in a cool place.

Never put Thai basil in the fridge it will immediately go black and you’ll have to bin it! Two to three hours before you want to serve pluck your herbs (put the coriander roots in the freezer to use for curry). Gently put them into a freezer bag, loosely tie the top and put them in a cool place.

To serve
An hour or two before you want to serve tip the dressing into a large bowl, add the chicken and wearing food service gloves mix the chicken through the dressing.

Just before you want to serve mix through the choko, pineapple and bean shoots and about half of the peanuts. Add half of the herbs and gently mix them through. Tip everything into a deep serving plate, scatter the remaining herbs and peanuts over the top and then scatter the crispy shallots on top.

Serve with a couple of big spoons and encourage everyone to take some of the marinate when they serve themselves.

posted Friday August 25, 2017
…by food editor and publisher Ann Oliver

These graters are excellent for choko and green mango and can be purchased for about $8 AUD from most Chinese grocers.

What to drink
A German or Austrian Mosel or Auslese Riesling, and old Semillon with a less than perceptible dash of Sauvignon Blanc.

To keep half of the chicken
for another time
Obviously, the salad component must always be fresh, but if you vac half of the chicken meat hard and freeze it, because it is going into the dressing, thawed over 24 hours in the fridge it reconstitutes perfectly.

Glam up!!

Glam up, subsitute the chicken for cooked crayfish or prawns.