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Light Rye
makes two loaves

30g fresh yeast
300g full cream milk
370g water
30g EV oil
30g honey
660g strong flour + extra for preparing the loaves
250g coarse rye flour + about a tablespoon for the top — see tip
10g fine sea salt

Weigh the yeast, milk, water, oil and honey into a large mixing bowl and whisk by hand until the yeast is dissolved. Add about half a cup of strong flour and whisk in. Set in a warm place and rest until is starts to bubble. Add the remaining strong flour and the rye, work with the dough hook on low for 2–3 minutes, then add the salt and continue working for about 5 minutes, scraping the sides down once during that time. When you stop kneading it should have come together in a slightly sticky ball. Cover with a damp towel and allow to double.

Flour your hand, punch the bread back, scrape it out onto a clean surface and knead vigorously with a little extra flour for a few minutes. Stretch the dough out and cut down the middle putting the cut side up on baking sheets covered with a silicon sheet. Scatter the extra rye over the sticky top.

Allow to prove.

pre heat oven to 220°C
Bake until golden and the base is properly cooked and then turn onto a rack to cool. This is a very moist textured bread and cut immediately it can appear not to be properly cooked.

tip — we buy South Australian Four Leaf Milling rye and mill it with a 60% fine and 40% coarse texture. They also make a fine rye flour and we often use their Egyptian Gold.