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top to bottom — Hugh Duckworth making their daily bread, finished bread, Jodie Zerner sous chef

Brent Kemble–Beech head chef Enoteca Restaurant
sous chef Jodie Zerner and apprentice Hugh Duckworth

Day One
Biga (starter dough)
250g bakers flour
5g sugar
5g dried yeast
258g water
50g bakers flour for dusting on top

Combine the flour, sugar and yeast in the bowl of your electric mixer, then add the water and mux to a smooth paste with the paddle attachment. Dust with the 50g of bakers flour, cover with plastic (or the big shower cap) and rest over night.

Ciabatta Dough
9g dried yeast
625g water
850g bakers flour
25g salt
50g coarse polenta (optional)

Pour water over the Biga. Sift the flour and yeast together and add to the Biga. Work with a dough hook on low speed for two to three minutes, then a little faster for about six minutes or until the dough is very soft, smooth, shiny and elastic.
Scrape the dough into an oiled container with a lid. Cover and allow to prove for 45 minutes. Using a pastry card fold the dough into quarters and repeat this three times.
Oil your work surface and scatter half of the polenta on to it. Carefully turn the dough out and divide into four loaves. Dust the tops with the remaining polenta and carefully slide them onto baking sheets that have been oil or cover with silicon mats.

Pre heat oven to 225°C
Bake for approximately 25 minutes or until the bread is crisped on the bottom and makes a hollow sound when tapped. Cool on racks.

recipe copyright © Brent Kemble–Beech 2010

Enoteca is in the gg Adelaide top 20
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from top to bottom — Brent Kemble–Beech, dough undergoing the final proving stage