Marian Clarkin Melbourne, Australia
A solicitor by profession Marian has gravitated into the food and wine world and has written food and wine for many years. A second sense for the cool and groovy, she is also a keen photographer and has worked on many major food and wine events.

Mystery Maude Adelaide, Australia
Wouldn’t you just love to know? They don’t eat fish or crustaceans (yes they are really weird) and they love fowl and cow and truffle. We trust their dispassionate opinion, best of all they can never be spotted and ’when in doubt’ Mystery Maude’s opinion is invaluable. Mystery Maude also travels constantly within Australia, so be warned when we are in doubt it is this contributor we most rely on!

Penelope Curtin Adelaide, Australia
An editor of some note, part of Adelaide’s famous Writers’ Week selection committee, Curtin is not just a keen home cook, but a keen diner. Known to love champagne (and oysters) her witty and pernickety observations add a razors edge.

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