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bbbbbbKaaren Palmer — Champagne Editor
about Kaaren Palmer
last updated April 31, 2015

Kaaren Palmer (formerly Payne)
P.O. Box 83
South Australia 5152
fax +61 8 8388 2235
mobile +61 417 818 548
email kaaren.palmer@galaxyguides.com

Blogger, Writer, Champagne Educator,
Port Folio Manager

2007 ongoing
Member and Tutor, Springfield Champagne Club
Superannuation and personal financial portfolio management

2002 — 2008
Fellow of Australian Institute of Company Directors

1998 — 2007
Property developments, Glenelg, South Australia

1986 — 2008
Founding C.E.O. and Executive Chairman of the Board of Specialist Computer Supplies Pty. Ltd. (later Officematrix Pty Ltd)., the second largest Australian owned computer supplies and stationery company, with offices and warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, and a sales offices in Canberra. Quality Assured to ISO 9002 1994. Over 100 staff. Sales >$30m per annum. Number 85 in Business Review Weekly’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in Australia in 1997, number 44 in 1998, number 32 in 1999. Corporate sale of business to multi–national Staples in 2006. Holding company wound up in 2008.

1997 — 2006
Founding director of Krypton Discs, retailer of new and second–hand music CDs and DVDs at Glenelg, South Australia. Permanent Staff 5, Casual Staff: approximately 20. Sales per annum $2 million.
A second Krypton store opened in the Mitcham Shopping Centre, South Australia, in November 1999. Business successfully sold via management buy–out.

2002 — 2006
Non–executive director Leisureco Australia (management of swimming education and leisure centres Australia wide). Resignation due to impending retirement.

2004 — 2006
Founding non–executive director Leisureco New Zealand (management of recreation centres and swimming pools in New Zealand). Resignation after completion of start–up project.

1992 — 1994
Sales and Marketing Manager, Specialist Magnetics Pty Ltd, a successful exporter to Europe, Asia and U.S.A., of Australian designed and manufactured magnetic testing equipment. Personally responsible for the successful sale of firm’s products and intellectual property to Trace Mountain, California, USA in 1994.

1997 — 1998
Board Member State Opera of South Australia
Board Member State Opera Ring Corporation

1995 — 1998
Committee Member and Honorary Treasurer of the Friends of the State Opera

Kaaren Palmer and guess who on her left? None other than Monsieur Paul Bocuse!

2000 — present
Foundation Member Art Gallery of South Australia
Sponsor/ Member of Council of Benefactors State Opera of South Australia
Member and Foundation Donor Port Power Football Club
Member, Friends of the State Opera
Donor, Pembroke School Foundation
Donor, State Theatre Company of South Australia
Member and Donor, Helpmann Academy
Sponsor Smith Family Edu–Cate
Donor Stirling Library
Donor, The Red Cross, Unicef, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide University, Wattle Park Teachers’ College, Australian Institute of Company Directors

Prior to 1986
Teacher – Adelaide, London, Sydney
Agriculture (1976 — 1984)

Champagne, Cuisine, Dining, Fine Wines, Entertaining, Travel, Reading, Opera, Walking, Live Theatre, Cinema, Australian Endangered Wildlife.

Lives: Private endangered wildlife sanctuary, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Copyright text and images © www.galaxyguides.com 2011 and Kaaren Palmer 2011

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  • Kaaren Palmer was a finalist in the 2010 Australian Vin de Champagne Awards
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