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Henley Beach — beachside south Australia
Sadly superb beachfront locations do no always equate with the best food, wine or coffee and we concentrate on those who deliver a unique and quality experience. As Sydney swelters South Australians look on in mild amusement at the fuss because they still haven’t had to experience days and days over 45°C and we want to share of list of local beachside favourites.

Henley Kiosk At The Beach 

The Esplanade 

Henley Beach South Australia 5024

telephone not available 

open Wednesday to Monday 7.30am until late afternoon ’ dog friendly

The Henley Kiosk has become legendary in Adelaide for their terrific coffee and basic, but generous breakfast and old-fashioned hamburger. Absolute beach frontage they are packed weekends with locals, city slickers, grannies, bike riders, dogs and kids and run the most efficient coffee service in the state if not Australia. Owner Joe Weber is kept on track by daughter Bianca and in the true Italian tradition of ensuring consistently good coffee they always man the espresso machine. In fact any establishment struggling to keep their coffee service fast and efficient should go take some lessons. Windy days late afternoon the parasurfers provide spectacular entertainment and take a walk to the River Torrens mouth the pole–sitting pelicans are just gorgeous! — read their full review

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream & Deserts Bar
U1/ 253a Seaview Rd
Henley Beach SA 5022
telephone +61 8 8355 0995

The Henley square and nearby precinct does offer a wide range of dining options but it has to be said most are probably not what our readership are looking for and in lieu of a decent dessert we recently had an ice cream at Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream & Deserts Bar just around the corner from Estia. Here you find real old-fashioned ice cream and the mint–choc chip a pleasant return to childhood memories, with a cone so fresh and fragrant it shattered as soon as it was bitten into. This immaculate little owner-operated establishment also sells coffee and a range of European style cakes and desserts. We just loved their cute signage “forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate’. It’s a great little spot to finish a beachside meal whether you have had simple fish and chips on the beach or good food and a great bottle of wine at Estia.

Estia Restaurant 

255 Seaview Road

Henley Beach South Australia 5022

telephone +61 8 8353 2875

fax +61 8 8355 5355

email enq@estia.com.au
web www.estia.com.au
open Lunch and Dinner Tuesday to Sunday

Estia offers the best food in the square and delivers simple Greek/Mediterranean food and a decent wine list with a very sexy vintage list. We like Estia best when we can sit outside and are guilty for ordering the same favourites, namely their char-grilled squid and zucchini and feta croquetta, to which we add in winter the traditional white bean soup (fosolia) that they sometimes special. In true Greek tradition their grilled seafood and meat are excellent. 

On hot nights the only option is to sit outside and if you are the type that likes sitting in a fridge you won’t find inside seating cool enough for comfort. The restaurant has a great atmosphere on very hot nights when the square is thronged with people trying to escape the heat. Reservations are essential Friday to Sunday — read their full review

Adelaide City Bikes
This is a fabulous scheme and better yet it’s free. You can collect a bike from several collection points — our favourite pick up and drop off mainly because there is food and a nice cold beer at the end of it is the Golf Links Par 3, located immediately behind River Café and Red Ochre Grill. You can park you car, ride to the beach along the bike track and even those who are not that fit and want to take it slowly the ride wouldn’t be more than an hour.
Full details click here

other things to do
Willunga Farmers’ Market
Every Saturday from 8.00 am

Coriole Music Festival
The Lloyd family never do anything mediocre. They make fabulous wine, fantastic cheese, brilliant olives and consistently win gold for the extra virgin olive oil. They are the patrons saints of the arts in South Australia and have always organised tremendous events at the picturesque winery. These events are always sell outand whilstitmay seem some distance till May we advise making reservations now!
This year’s Coriole Music Festival will be held on Saturday 1st May and Sunday 2nd May 2010
click here for full details

try the best pastie in south australia at
The Port Elliott Bakery
— best pastie in South Australia and expect to queue weekends — read their review

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beachside restaurant reviews and tips

Goolwa — it doesn’t get better than Aquacaf click here
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Not exactly on the beach but south side Mclaren Vale is blessed with more good restaurants than any other region in South Australia click here


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