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Ann Oliver
food editor and publisher
web site last updated August 18, 2017

Champagne News
from Kaaren Palmer

Our newsletter goes out Thursday 28 August and will give subscribers an advance opportunity to book for for a fabulous Champagne Besserat dinner at Windy Point Restaurant.
Put Wednesday evening October 18 in your diary. Incredibly well priced, tickets will sell quickly so, when you receive your advance notice don’t delay in making a reservation. Not a subscriber please CLICK HERE to enjoy advance notice of Champagne events recommended by
Kaaren Palmer and Ann Oliver.

Read and excellent blog by Sarah Underdown summarising
Tyson Selzer’s
Melbourne click here

Kaaren Palmer
Champagne expert,
award winning author
pictured far right

writes a monthly
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Champagne News…or,
click here to read Kaaren’s July Champagne News.

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Pineapple …the massive Queensland pineapple super crop 2017 that has delivered the largest ever harvest of pineapples in Queensland, Australia. This has meant that they are not just about perfect, but incredibly well priced at the minute. The lovely topless sugar pines are the more reliable show girl and served in savoury or sweet or just plain and simple they are really delicious.

On the weekend we’ll be making a delicious Thai pineapple, choko and poached chicken salad. Just the right bite of chilli, tempered with a little palm sugar, zested up with Kaffir lime rind and juice and lime leaves. Add to that, there’s plenty of crunch in this wonderful dish. What to drink with it a late picked German or Austrian Moselle or Riesling; maybe an aged Australian Semillon with an undetectable smidge of Sav Blanc (yes you heard it from my lips!!! This is the type of dish I just make by sight (not the restaurant way, smack! smack!!) so I'll be weighing as I go and you can have the recipe by close of day Monday 21 August...!!!

In the mean time try pineapple, white rum, coconut milk, lime rind and juice and ice blitzed in the Thermo to warm you up and drink while pretending you’re on a Caribbean island where the temperature is at least 30°C…oh, don’t we wish!!

Please click here to go to the recipe index.

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pictured leftA fun event from a wine company that knows how to throw a party…
First Drop My Big Fat Greek Gourmet Weekend
Saturday September 2 to make a booking First Drop Wines

Ann Oliver
Food Editor and Publisher
August 18, 2017

A little bit of
Champagne News

from Kaaren Palmer

Read and excellent blog by Sarah Underdown summmarising
Tyson Selzer’s
Melbourne click here

Adelaideans put Wednesday evening October 18 in your diary for a fabulous Champagne Besserat dinner at Windy Point Restaurant. Incredibly well priced, tickets will sell quickly so, when you receive your advance notice don’t delay in making a reservation.

Kaaren Palmer
Champagne expert,
award winning author
pictured far right

writes a monthly
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Champagne News…or,
click here to read Kaaren’s July Champagne News.

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A good substitute for Almond Blossom …the recent terrible winds have taken their toll, but this morning at the Adelaide Flower Market the air was heady with the the perfume of sweet peas whcih are also an edible bloom. All of these blossoms lose their perfume as they deteriotate...just another case of just picked or cut is best or the other possibility would be to freeze the bloosom infused sugar until you're ready to make the ice cream!!!

Please click here to go to the recipe for Almond Blossom ice cream.

Chokos have not been forgotten, but they will be around for a while…unlike blossom!!!

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Well, to put you out of your mysery, after our instagram post. In fairness, Imust admit, that I didn't have a clue as to why the girls at Seng Bangkok Asian Grocers (one of my favourites on Hanson Road, South Australia) were so excited. I have wondered for eons how my favourite roast shops get their prok crackling perfect and never score it…well sweeties, it’s the pork pricker (no idea what it’s actual name is). Do they work? Bloody genius!!!

Escoffier was brilliant at designing culinary tools, a former drafstman he, of course, knew how to problem solve and draw his tools up to have them made. Every culture, every cuisine boasts special tools but in my 50 years of cooking and travelling in Asia and working in China this brilliant tool had slipped my notice.

You may need to order because they seem to have sold out quickly…Seng Bangkok Asian Grocer, 140 Hanson Road, Mansfield Park, South Australia 5012, telephone +61 8 8347 3811.

And don’t forget this weekend love your book shop Saturday August 12; our favourite for such a very long time Imprints in Hindley Street Adelaide.

Ann Oliver
Food Editor and Publisher
August 11, 2017


Kaaren Palmer
Champagne expert,
award winning author
pictured far right

writes a monthly
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Champagne News…or,
click here to read Kaaren’s July Champagne News.

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Almond Blossom Ice Cream…yes, if you are a chef in Adelaide, South Australia, you maybe have a one week opportunity but it is such a treat for restaurant guests and we live in a city with abundant blossom (if there is anything left after the weekends terrible winds)!!

Please click here to go to the recipe.

Ann Oliver
Food Editor and Publisher
August 6, 2017

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Kaaren Palmer
Champagne expert,
award winning author
pictured far right

writes a monthly
to subscribe to
Champagne News…or,
to read Kaaren’s July Champagne News.

The Books

a fun idea from Christine Manfield and publisher Julie Gibbs, menus made up from classic recipe writers, a series of dinners in Sydney, Australia, starting August 22, 2017; celebrating timeless authors and impeccable recipe writers click here to get the details.

with time to experiment…Ann Oliver has been looking at two new cookbooks and revisiting an old favourite, Medieval Cuisine in the Islamic World (pictured left) click here to go to the review.

Also in the Middle Eastern kitchen Scents and Flavours, A Syrian Cookbook…Edited and translated by Charles Perry is throwing up some challenges. Scents and Flavours is not a book for the beginner or for cooks with superficial knowledge of the ingredients of the Middle East. Syria has long been regarded the pearl of the region’s cuisine for its diversity and complexity of flavours.

The recipes are brief but are written in both Arabic and English. My suggestion is, latch on to one of your Middle Eastern friends, preferably a great cook, because shopping and cooking together would be a great way to explore this book. As we make our way through this fascinating book we’ll write the recipes in much more detail and give you the chance to recreate them. It is fair to say, as fascinating as this book is, it is not a book for everyone…so, before you buy, you can take a look inside at Amazon click here

Jane Lawson’s Snowflakes and Schnapps is one of those books that is perfect for winter. It inspires you to spend a day cooking a menu compiled from recipes in this lovely book. Lawson, admits in her introduction to hating the Australian hot summers and happily traverses authentic winter cuisine from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Switzerland and Italy. Yes, she did miss a few European countries with kinder winters!!

So far, I have tried three recipes and pinched a couple of good ideas. Recipes are a bit vague in some instances but as I am going through them I am weighing everything and recording it. The Bitterballen p12 received high praise as did the Goulash Soup p15, although I did make my own bread dumpling recipe. Add to that the Potato Flatbreads p26 went down a treat for a recent breakfast.

This is a book well worth exploring!

Ann Oliver
Food Editor and Publisher

from Kaaren Palmer
Champagne expert,
award winning author

writes a monthly CHAMPAGNE NEWS
CLICK HERE to subscribe to Champagne News.

Champagne News…Kaaren Palmer’s July Champagne News is now available click here.

Tyson Stelzer’s Taste Champagne 2017 showcasing 214 cuvées from 74 houses across 10 events in five states! We believe Taste Champagne is now the biggest champagne event in the southern hemisphere and perhaps one of the biggest in the world. It's coming in just a few weeks!

Tickets are $115 (incl GST) and include a hot fork dish and tickets are selling fast.

Sydney – Shangri–La Hotel, 6–9pm Monday 7th August 2017
Canberra – Old Parliament House, 6–9pm Wednesday 9th August 2017 – SOLD OUT
Brisbane – Sofitel Brisbane Central, 6–9pm Monday 14th August 2017
Perth – Pan Pacific, 6–9pm Wednesday 16th August 2017
Melbourne – Plaza Ballroom, 6–9pm Monday 21st August 2017

To see this email in your browser and buy tickets please CLICK HERE

pictured right Kaaren Palmer
Champagne expert,
award winning author

writes a monthly CHAMPAGNE NEWS
CLICK HERE to subscribe to Champagne News.

In the same international gourmet awards as Kaaren Palmer’s brilliant accolade in the wine books category another Australian John Newton scored a gong.

Culinary History The Oldest Foods on Earth, Australian John Newton… CLICK HERE to read a review of John’s latest book. To read more about this category of the Gourmet Awards CLICK HERE

Champagne News…Kaaren Palmer’s July Champagne News is now available click here.

just to tease you…
According to Forbes, six Champagne Houses, and one cooperative, that, in combination, will show you the history, the production underway, and reflect the champagne industry from small to large House. Not all are Houses that immediately spring to mind for a visit, and none are grower domains. I have put the booking links in for you.

40 rue Carnot, Mareuil–sur–Aÿ (the next village along from Aÿ – walk past Champagne Philipponnat’s Clos de Goisses while you’re in the town and note how steep and well–drained is the site. billecart@champagne-billecart.fr open Monday to Friday Make sure that you taste the vintage Blanc de Blancs and Cuvée Nicolas François.

Kaaren Parlmer’s Champagne News always plenty of local and international news, best buys, great tastings, interesting houses!

Bastille Day
Planning a Bastille Day dinner for a couple of tried and true recipes CLICK HERE

Rum Babas
pictured right
Such a great simple dessert that served warm are luscious for Winter and equally delicious in Summer… CLICK HERE.

Tetsuya 2 Michelin stars for his Singapore restaurant unfaltering determination to be devoted to the best…congratulations Tetsuya and of course your team! So, next time you are in Singapore Waku Ghin!!!

stay tuned for lots of interesting new food, Champagne and wine in collaboration with the fabulous Kaaren Palmer.

June 23, 2017 — Kaaren Palmer’s Champagne News
Plenty of news from the world of champagne click here to read Kaaren’s June newsletter and if you’re not a subscriber take the opportunity to subscribe.

Food Editor Ann Oliver revisits an old but great recipe. The Perfect Pastie, (pictured left) delicious hot or cold, just the right amount of pepper! Vegetarian! click here to go to the recipe.

Buddha’s Hands
So exotic, such a wonderful perfume, so ancient, so strange, so easy to glacé… click here to read more and go to recipes and check out our recipe index for more ideas.

And…don’t chuck the mandarin peel in the bin, dry them and powder them…wonderful for ice cream and many other great citrus dishes, savoury and sweet, including a terrific mandarin and mustard salad dressing that takes a mix of sweet and bitter greens to a different level.

June 4, 2017 — Kaaren Palmer
Interesting champagne tasting in Munich

CLICK HERE to see the results of an official blind tasting in Munich a month ago with top Michelin stars sommelier, bloggers and specialised journalists. Each person, 16 in total, brought their favourite Coup de Coeur champagne.

“This is a tasting that should be held in any capital of the world to open minds on what is currently happening in Champagne.

This is not just the recognition towards the exceptional work to create Sapience. This is the recognition not just Sapience, but, all organic champagnes and all the friends organic farmers.

This is a victory for vitality.”


To read more about Sapience champagne please click here.

May 27, 2017
Kaaren Palmer winner of the prestigeous 2017 International Gourmand Awards ’Best French Wine Book 2017

April 27, 2017
Kaaren Palmer is currently travelling...right at this minute in Budapest and in a day or two Reims to reuinite with friends in the land of Champagne. From 12 until 30 of May Kaaren is travelling in China…initially Shanghai for food and footy, then Beijing where amongst visiting the amazing and presitgious Red Gate Gallery, Kaaren and her partner Kevin are going to have a look at the Beijing International Chef Competition. Post this, Yantai – Gourmand Awards. Kaaren Palmer’s CHAMPAGNE…A TASTING JOURNEY has been nominated for the presitgious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards where Edouard Cointreau is the President of the Jury…and, of course we all have our fingers crossed.

Ann Oliver is in the last stages of her three year contract with Chianti Adelaide which finishes June 30, 2017. For Oliver new challenges and cooking again across several cultures who knows what we can expect? The unexpected of course…so stay tuned!!!

February 14, 2017
what’s going on
Lots and lots so expect some very big changes with Galaxy Guides. A different name… more of a blog than a formal web site that should be available end of September 17…loads of new recipes properly categorised with the old plus regular blogs about the odd and obesessed foodie/wine characters we meet along the way. Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer will be posting from where ever she may be in the coming year…Reims, Shanghai, Adelaide…well really who knows where? Ann Oliver will be semi retired and writing and testing recipes on a daily basis and visitng friends in Australia. Yes expect the unexpected, because that is precisely what you are going to get!

January 7, 2017
Hard copy version of Kaaren Palmer’s CHAMPAGNE…A TASTING JOURNEY is sold out orders are being taken for the third print run [payment not required at time of ordering] please email Kaaren Palmer.

Digital copies still available from Amazon click here to purchase.

Latest Award Nomination for Kaaren Palmer’s CHAMPAGNE…A TASTING JOURNEY
Just being nominated in 2016 for Roederer awards might have been considered high praise for a first time author, however, Kaaren Palmer’s CHAMPAGNE…A TASTING JOURNEY has been nominated for the equally presitgious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards where Edouard Cointreau is the President of the Jury.

Kaaren Palmer’s

CHAMPAGNE…A TASTING JOURNEY is not just a comprehensive introduction to the world of champagne, but importantly, it is a step by step guide to tasting and appraising champagne. Palmer’s book is the first book of its type about champagne and undoubtedly will be translated into many languages as it becomes well known. A text book in many ways, but, without any of the austerity or incomprehensible language one often finds in such books. Advanced, professional or beginning on your champagne journey this book allows you to select your level of interest at the moment and grow your knowledge over many tastings.

Adoration of champagne encompasses the entire world and the thirst to know and understand more about this precious drop has universal appeal. Palmer’s book will become the definitive source for anyone wanting to learn more about champagne.

Deluxe paperback edition 446 pp in English,
with original maps, illustrations, photos, diagrams and flow charts.

$140 AUD + postage within Australia $15 AUD

December 6, 2016
Rebecca ’Beck’ Hopkins gives Galaxy Guides a brilliant Napa list!

Rebecca ’Beck’ Hopkins

Born and raised in South Australia, Rebecca has been in the wine business in marketing and communications for more than 20 years. Relocating to San Francisco in 2007 with Constellation Brands, today she represents a small portfolio of wine families from across Europe and the Americas in her role as VP Communications for Folio Fine Wine Partners. Rebecca spends approximately three months a year traveling between Napa, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Milan, Florence, and back home to Adelaide.

Often spotted with camera in hand, you can follow Bec on Instagram and Twitter on @beckhopkinswine

and her photo travels at www.rebeccahopkinsimage.com

please click here to go to Bec’s fabulous Napa list!

November 22, 2016
Kaaren Palmer posts two great tastings
Both on Saturday December 3, 2016…one in Melbourne and another in France click here to read more.

November 12, 2016
2002 Ayala Cuvée Perele D’Ayala…there are always great champagnes, but sometimes there are just exceptional champagnes and champagne editor Kaaren Palmer reports that this Ayala is one of them… click here to read more.

Our friend Milton Wordley’s 10 Questions is something that we enjoy reading. A brief and concise winemaker profile with an unguarded frankness that makes these interviews refreshing. The BS out of the way we greatly enjoy reading Wordley’s blogs. Please click here to read more; the most recent the power house Kerri Thompson : Wines by KT, Clare Valley.

November 8, 2016
the Martin’s team is in the US of A…reviews will follow but for the moment follow them on twitter…last night Maddison (lunch out in the Flatiron doing the Mexican icon @ Tacombi) from the sublime to the ridiculous? We don’t think so! We believe in the $10 and the $ whatever dining experience and always maintain the perspective.

November 6, 2016
new this week…many of our readers and subscribers may not know that every contribution to Galaxy Guides is an unpaid labour of love for public benefit. To read more about the names behind Galaxy Guides click here

2016 USA
The Adelaide based, Martins Brand House team, Michael and Kym Martin and their partners are on the move heading for the US of A. Great food and wine knowledge, a sense of adventure, edgy humour and able to take great pics, so stay tuned. As a temporary fix until they return and we write extensive reviews…to follow their journey GALAXY GUIDES on TWITTER to track their adventures!!!!

Looking for brilliant branding and concepts, web design and much more MARTINS BRAND HOUSE

October 21, 2016
Reviewers heading to the US to do the extraordinary and the quirky; Maddison, The French Laundry, Alinea, the Nappa and a lot of quirky cheapies in between. To check out our current NYC guide please click here. Best of all these are girls and boys who love to party and love to shop. Expect an update that is bound to include both the erudite and the nutty [well they are all creatives] in December.

However, it has to be said we hate the system of making overseas reservations. Night after night of setting the alarm at 3.00 am! The lack of a human voice at the end of the phone and the highly schooled restaurant employees [if you ring the restaurant] who fob you back to their web site. Yes this is how things work, for instance try changing your address on ASIC!!! But, we get egalitarian, what we don’t get is egalitarian very annoying!

Best thing eaten this week…wholemeal injera at Addis Ababa [Western suburbs Adelaide South Australia] PLEASE, PLEASE give us a lesson…worst thing eaten this week, smelly grilled flounder at Louca's, but staff were absolutely charming and they were packed so what do we know!

An absolute must in South Australia at the minute Riverland asparagus!

Darling Street Dried Fruits Riverland Asparagus available this Sunday at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers’ Market
…image © copyright

Ann Oliver
Food Editor and Publisher, Galaxy Guides.

October 12, 2016
Vale Ali Cribb Chef extraordinaire, friend and partner of chef and producer Michael Voumard…On Tuesday 11th October 2016 at 6.25pm Ali took her last breath on the ridge at Gore Bay and Ali’s ashes will be scattered on a secluded location at the farm on Sunday.

For many years Ali Cribb and Michael Voumard were the inspiration and driving force behind Rockford’s Krondorf Garden and more especially the Rockford Stonewall Table. Their time in residence saw food and wine matching of a class that has never been matched since.

On the left Ali Cribb and on the right Michael Voumard in the Rockford Krondorf Garden in happier times.

October 12, 2016
Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer posts some great Adelaide (South Australia) champagne events…please click here for details.

October 10, 2016
Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer posts the first vintage report of the 2016 Champagne harvest. A very detailed report from the house of Deutz…to read the full report please click here.

ass="treb20grey">Yes we know, but, for this free service that you all enjoy SO MUCH, you need to understand we have full–time positions in the industry and not your fantastic 35 hour office week, but more likely a grinding 60 hour, do your head in week!!!!!

We now have all the required details to finish our review for the Botanic Gardens Restaurant...really good, except for cheese course and, whilst the cheese course is NOT RECOMMENDED, absolutely everything else is. True we do have some favourites…and, don’t forget that Adelaide's best coffee can be found in their kiosk located immediately behind the restaurant. Watch out for swooping magpies but the wisteria arch is utterly exquisite at the minute.

We’ve also been to Golden Boy…patchy food and terrific service from the fabulous Miss Fen, but, despite the patchy food, we think if you follow our guide TO THE LETTER, we think this is still an ok, if not amazing, dining experience + they happily take GOOD BYO. Perhaps the hardest part for us was to walk through the door and see the inlaid brass “BOTANIC DINING ROOM”, where in a time long past, chefs Ali Cribb and Michael Voumard [protegé of the legendary David Thompson] cooked the best Thai food Adelaide has ever seen, did make it necessary for a mental adjustment that we should have no such expectations…more next week!

We are very excited that four of our most devoted, and erudite foodie friends are doing a big USA update for us in November…Maddison, Alinea and we are waiting to hear reservation confirmations from Keller’s French Laundry. To really understand Galaxy Guides, you need to understand no one gets paid; we all do this because it is our passion, but more than that we want to kill off the no knowledge restaurant bloggers who are the blight of our industry and always give diners in search of honest and educated opinion what they need. Who doesn’t hate these overseas on–line booking systems they could at least have USA, Europe and Australasia so we don’t have to stay up half the night trying to bid. Given the rating of these restaurants on a world scale, it rather detracts from, what is supposed to be a high end experience!!! What’s wrong with a civilised telephone reservations system with a human at the end of the line?

Ann Oliver
Food Editor and Publisher Galaxy Guides

letter from London
Kaaren Palmer
Champagne Editor Gal,axy Guides
…when the legendary Pierre Koffmann will close at The Berkley.

Thank you so much for the Koffmann’s tip. Marcus Wareing (2 Michelin stars) is in the same hotel, so he tends to hog the limelight at The Berkeley.

After a good lunch at Koffmann’s on the 9th of September, in amongst, it must be said, other very fine London food and wine experiences, I was just about to say that Gauthier’s tasting menu with reasonably well–matched wines was my best experience in London. With the exception of the overworked lobster and not being provided with a spoon for the sauces it was very good. Excellent bread as an option for the sauces in most instances slows the opportunity to try more dishes…to read about standouts[scroll to the end].

Ann Oliver’s “best three star I have ever experienced” at the back of my head, I decided to have another look at Koffmann’s and so, so glad that I did.

Last week (September 9, 2016) I was told that the Calamari Bolognese and the stuffed pig’s trotter were Koffmann’s signature dishes, and during the week I discovered that his pistachio soufflé is also a highly acclaimed signature dish. So, guess what I had? All three, with 2005 Bollinger Grande Année and a very fine glass of 2014 Mercurey Vieilles Vignes from François Raquillet. Not the greatest year, but well selected by their sommelier it provided a little fruit with with the piggy’s foot.

Left Pierre Koffmann, right top… at least 40 years age difference between them Koffmann is one of the most sought after culinary mentors in the world today…and below bread selection

Pierre Koffman’s legendary and much copied Pied di Cochon in all it’s amazing brilliance

Koffman’s Pistachio Soufflé

Images copyright © Pierre Koffmann

But, back to the experience. Greeted like an old friend after just one visit (what diner doesn’t like that?!), and without the distraction of meeting somebody new to discuss publishing, I was able to notice the quality, crisp white napery, the heavy cutlery, the flowers, and that sense of calm professionalism found in good places where diners are served their courses simultaneously in an unspoken choreography. They offered a little amuse–bouche of pissaladière, daintily thin and crisp, with sweet, salted caramelised onion topping, it was served in little rectangles.

The breads are something to behold. Each table receives a wooden boat in which 5 perfect AND different selections nestle – a white roll (fine, soft interior with a delicately crisp crust), one each of wholemeal and poppy seed rye with slashed tops, and two brioche pastry styles – one olive and one ’garlic bread’ – each folded over in crispy and soft moist layers. I attacked three of them – a very pleasing task!

Calamars Bolognaise, Bolognaise style squid is presented like a delicate little pasta dish. Squid is sliced so thinly and finely into translucent ribbons to make the ’pasta’, and topped with an extremely finely diced squid crustacean ’bolognese’ sauce. Exquisite texturally and heavenly to consume. The white roll was handy for the last mouthfuls.

Pied de Cochon, Tante Claire was an apparition, the neat and princely foot laid out in glossy golden–brown beauty in a rich and sticky jus, expertly stuffed with sweetbreads and morels, with a tidy rounded length of simple Paris mash, every molecule whipped into smooth agreement, topped with a crispy raked crackling whorl of slim delicacy. As for that seamlessly succulent trotter, I stuffed it into my mouth without haste but with great deliberation. What a triumph! I have a photo of a pile of bones for you, each lovingly divested of its soft and yielding glutinous casing. This is a dish that follows all the rules of a grand ’eating out’ experience, as did the squid, and those are that the dish should be too hard and time consuming to make yourself, show real artfulness and creativity in its conception, and be memorably delicious.

I was just sighing over that wonderfully satisfying culinary experience when I learned about the pistachio souffl´:. The mould is buttered and flecked with dark chocolate which melts as the souffl´: rises, and leaves a baked brown encirclement of the moist green interior. On serving, the regal loftiness is pierced in a downward motion by a perfect quenelle of pistachio ice cream, which rapidly disappears into the violated interior. Every morsel was gorgeous. I’m not big on desserts, but this one was a brilliant balance of flavour and technique. The ’05 Grande Ann´:e with its own toasted nuttiness and rich Pinot depth was a suitable accompaniment. With or without food quite brilliant.

Great old–school chefs who cut no corners, and turn out beautifully executed dishes, do retire one day. They’re going to close Koffmann’s at the end of the year, but I expect that M. Le Chef won’t disappear entirely, and that the sous–chef may well rise to the surface with her own restaurant, under the guidance of her mentor and having learned many good lessons.

Standouts from Gauthier

  • Poached hen’s egg, soft and yielding, with saut´:ed wild mushrooms and shallot and oyster mushroom salad to provide the textural counterpoint, Comt´: cheese provides an Arnold Bennett touch, and parsley velout´: the freshness.
  • Summer black truffle risotto – incredibly generous amount of truffle, and hedonistically rich. Al dente, as it should be.
  • The Golden Louis to finish was a very dramatic gesture. Praline foundation, rich chocolate top, and a golden square – utterly deliciously too much. What a shame to leave half…
  • And…the vegan menu looked really attractive, too. In London, they seem to be all the rage in most places, alongside the other menus.
  • Kaaren Palmer
    Champagne Editor Galaxy Guides
    September 18, 2016

    An invitation to the The Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards is a recognition of excellence in the world of wine and food writing, so it is no surprise to us that champagne editor Kaaren Palmer has been nominated in their 2016 awards that will be celebrated in London later this month.

    To read more about these prestigious awards and the philosophy behind them, please click here to read more.

    Kaaren Palmer is posting directly to her facebook page, so hook up with Kaaren Palmer on facebook as she embraces the best of London and add them to your list for the next time you visit this fabulous city!

    the Spiny Citrus Bug
    Not even the best rains for years has killed this little bastard. It ruins lemons sucking out the juice and is almost undetectable until you cut them open. It stunts their size and virtually makes them useless for anything but pickled lemons.

    Just when it looked like we would have a decent crop of lemons for the first time in years they are back again.

    Our friend Humphrey Howie, citrus grower and owner of the legendary Riverland Fat Goose Organics has the following advice…very thick rubber gloves [not the type you do the washing up with, but something industrial] plus a rag and squash them. They spray a toxic acidic juice and apparently smell disgusting. This is the only organic way to get rid of them and preserve your crop. I did bat one today but kept my distance, but this week they are all going down it kills me to put lemons in the bin!

    Another wonderful friend Katy Paull, CSIRO entomologist Queensland, offers and alternative option. Spiny Citrus Bug it’s a pest. Just pick them off put them in a bag and freeze them. Then put them out with the rubbish Shame they aren’t edible!!!

    Ann Oliver…food editor and publisher

    this week…promise
    We have all the info now, but of course after rating so highly in Australian Gourmet Traveller 2016 Restaurant Guide you may have to go on a wait list!!!
    AO…29 August, 2016

    Were else, but the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Restaurant which, we think, is a highlight in the Adelaide dining scene.

    And…then we add what we think is the best pho in Adelaide metro.

    August 2, 2016
    Kaaren Palmer’s August Champagne News and Galaxy Guides general news… click here

    SALA 2016
    no5. Quinces…$2950.00 AUD gst inclusive
    Watercolour and acrylic on paper
    1010 mm x 830 mm…framed 2016

    To see the full catalogue for galaxy Guides food editor Ann Oliver’s current exhibition at Bar Torino, Adelaide, please click here

    July 18, 2016
    a very, very old argument!

    In search
    of the perfect pan

    Obsessed cooks can never resist the lauded excellence of the ’new’ perfect pan. For the first time in at least 50 years cooks are looking to the past in search of perfect pans for induction cooking… to read the full article please click here

    We’ve been eating out a lot
    in Adelaide!

    Considered reviews will follow. Establishments we feel are not worthy of review are not mentioned. List below is not in any particular order of favouritsim!

    Bread and Bonefantastic service…food that doesn’t pretent to be more than it is, uncomplicated delicious…great value for money!
    Botanic Gardensbest presented and most delicious seafood dishes in Adelaide for a long time! Charming service and so lovely to see a very French FOH not in some shitty corporate uniform!
    André’s Cucina and Polenta Barbest gnocchi is Adelaide it totally depresses me that mine do not come close…in fact not good enough to make a menu!
    La Lorientaisenew little creperie on Elizabeth Street Croydon a lot to like! Very modest pricing, great coffee, nice French sparkling $10 glass!
    Greek on Halifaxyou have to love a restaurant that just keeps doing what it does well. FOH were charming beyond any reasonable expectation to a little fellow who hasn’t yet developed any acceptable restaurant manners. Made me think of living in Greece and in fact made me homesick for the simple food of Athens.
    Drinkiesbest Negroni in Adelaide Clever Little Tailor!

    left…Botanic Gardens, Smoked tommy ruff escabeche, mussel custard, smoked mussels, fennel, squid ink cracker

    May 25, 2016

    The e–Book version will be available from Amazon and ’work tasting sheets’ will also be available to download [without additional charge] from

    Kaaren Palmer’s
    erudite tome is becoming and international best seller
    quoted by the great houses of Champagne as the definitive guide to learning about champagne.

    CHAMPAGNE…A TASTING JOURNEY is not just a comprehensive introduction to the world of champagne, but importantly, it is a step by step guide to tasting and appraising champagne. Palmer’s book is the first book of its type about champagne and undoubtedly will be translated into many languages as it becomes well known. A text book in many ways, but, without any of the austerity or incomprehensible language one often finds in such books. Advanced, professional or beginning on your champagne journey this book allows you to select your level of interest at the moment and grow your knowledge over many tastings.

    Adoration of champagne encompasses the entire world and the thirst to know and understand more about this precious drop has universal appeal. Palmer’s book will become the definitive source for anyone wanting to learn more about champagne.

    Deluxe paperback edition 446 pp in English,
    with original maps, illustrations, photos, diagrams and flow charts.

    $140 AUD + postage within Australia $15 AUD

    Buy now with PayPal

    April 22, 2016
    Read about Kaaren Palmer’s book launch in Reims on the 19th of April. Oh what a night click here for details.

    April 11, 2016
    Worksheets are now available for CHAMPAGNEA TASTING JOURNEY… to access all worksheets click here

    April 4, 2016
    CUTE SHOP FOR LEASE MAIN STREET TANUNDA…Gorgeous, beautifully upgraded small shop in main street Tanunda…great landlords have recently restored this lovely old building…they are looking for the right tenant, a tennant with a commitment to quality food and wine with long term interests...if I wasn't SO OLD it would be tempting!!! Please click here to view the property listing.

    Ann Oliver
    food editor and publisher

    March 17, 2016
    Kaaren Palmer’s March Champagne News
    please click here…and, if your are not a subscriber sign up for the monthly newsletter so you can receive advance notice for national and international Champagne events and much, much more!!!

    March 12, 2016
    in search of the perfect pan of course, this is nothing new for the obsessed cook (professional or hobbiest cook) and of course one needs a variety…but I have a new love…next week! AO

    and…for those who might want to know Richard Gunner’air–aged Limestone Coast grass fed fillet. Worth every cent!!! But the big warning for restaurant diners in Australia is we cannot maintain the price and you need to expect increases of at least 20% to the plate price if you want to eat quality Australian beef with impeccable pedigrees.

    February 20, 2016
    Adelaide currently Festival and Fringe city…a bit of an update and where to eat, drink and shop click here

    January 27, 2016
    Victor Pugatschew loves champagne of lean, keen refreshment and, after many years writing the blurbs and selecting the champagnes for the French Wine Centre in Melbourne, has decided to go out on his own. Lucky Melburnians will be able to buy on indent, and the rest of us will be able to enjoy his newsletters and amazing award–winning photography of all things champagne. To read Victor’s latest newsletter please click here and to check out Victor’s stunning photography please click here and, don’'t forget to subscribe to his newsletter for lots of interesting news.

    posted by Kaaren Palmer January 27, 2016

    January 20, 2016
    Melbourne heavenly Melbourne
    Stay tuned for some new reviews as we work our way through the old and new of this fabulous Australian city

    December 24, 2015
    Doesn’t matter which God you go with, or not, as in my own case, but the sentiment of goodwill to all men and peace on earth has to have some value. We wish you a very happy Christmas and an absolutely brilliant 2016.
    Ann Oliver
    food editor and publisher

    December 14, 2015
    Kaaren Palmer's Christmas Champagne News 15
    Lots of events, great buying advice to stock your cellar for the Christas holidays and much, much more!
    Please click here to go straight to the newsletter.

    Only a day in Champagne
    Kaaren Palmer
    A completely revised list. Please click here to read the article.

    November 6, 2015
    At the Apothecary 1878 Adelaide South Australia
    Monday November 30, 2015
    Annual Champagne & Sparkling Tasting
    $58 per person including canapes
    Reservations Essential – telephone +61 8 8212 9099
    click here for details

    October 31, 2015
    Letter from Paris October 2015
    Kaaren Palmer
    Galaxy Guides Champagne Editor

    Where to drink Champagne in Paris…a snapshot!

    At the top of the Eiffel Tower, in restaurants, bars and hotels, in gardens, parks and galleries, department stores and grocery shops, in boats on the Seine – it’s hard to find a spot without champagne at hand in Paris.

    Three star Michelin restaurants boast great champagne lists, and, even without considering the ambience, glassware, sommelier knowledge, and overall experience, the champagnes are definitely the best value fine wines on offer.

    Train stations, too, have their share of brasseries with lovely champagnes by the glass (une coupe), half–bottles, bottles or magnums. You might care for a cuvée de prestige, a Pommery Louise, a Dom or a Cristal at the Brasserie Terminus du Nord, for example. This establishment is part of the Flo group, whose loyalty program is well worth joining if you’re in for a longer stay. Their restaurants are all over France (Brasserie Flo in Reims, for example, across from the railway station at the head of Drouet d’Erlon). Champagne specials adorn a tidy list in all venues.

    Only time for one bar? It must be Le Dokhan’s at the Trocadero in the 7th arrondissement. Choose your champagne first, and then the glassware, which is proffered on a silver tray. We found a 1991 Philipponnat Clos des Goisses on the list – not a great year, but a splendid bottle from one of the few vineyards that can produce vintage champagne just about every year, so favoured is its site.

    Tired of shopping? Head for the Bar àBulles in the Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, one of many department stores to have a champagne bar. This one, obviously sponsored by Moët Hennessy, is a great place to sip a generous glass of Moët NV or Dom, Veuve NV through to La Grande Dame, Ruinart NV and the Dom Ruinarts both Brut and the sublime Dom Ruinart Rosé, Krug, even the Krug Vintage Rosé. It’s after midday, the sun is over the yard arm, and you could start with a particularly French, tart palated Mercier, sharply aperitif in style, before a tipple from the top, a luxurious and sensually satisfying Dom Ruinart. Savoury cheese pastries match well.

    Une belle liste pour vous
    Willi’s Wine Bar opened its doors in October 1980, and it’s still going strong. Don’t forget to buy one of their famous wine art posters while you’re there.

    Le Muselet boasts nearly 100 different champagnes, presents thoughtfully arranged flights such as single grape variety or particular region, presents seasonal food well paired with selected bubbles. This restaurant specialising in champagne is rightly acclaimed in the French press.

    Bistrot du Sommelier is the obsession of Philippe Faure–Brac, who was world champion sommelier in 1992.

    Point Bulles (excellent food–champagne matches here)

    Bar 8 in the Mandarin Oriental states its claim to fame on 40 different bottles. My advice is to skip the cocktails and avoid the headache.

    Le Baudelaire in the quiet Hotel Le Burgundy, adjacent to the Michelin starred restaurant of the same name.

    Ô Château OMG, a few by the glass, and always a flight to be sipped near Les Halles.

    The Mini Palais champagne and piano bar and…not least noteworthy, how about?

    Dilettantes Taste at the bar, then shop for champagne. Reserve a table, taste a flight, be delighted, buy some to take away, and read the nice interview with the owner, the passionate and delightful Fanny Heucq, click here

    Tired of going out? Want to drink in your apartment?
    Here’s a big list of places which carry extensive stocks of champagne
    Note that the organic, biodynamic Champagne Fleury offers tastings at their family run outlet.

    Still have time and want a drinking project worthy of exploration?
    You’ll find plenty of champagne at these bars, ordered for your convenience by arrondissement… click here to read more.

    October 11, 2015
    Champagne news
    Kaaren Palmer
    Tyson Stelzer’s dairy for launching his Champagne Guide 2016-2017, 20 tastings, dinners and book signings lined up across six Australian states, encompassing 50 houses, growers and cooperatives… click here to see the details for your state. South Australians don’t miss out on a very special Barossan dinner in opulent surrounds… click here to download the details.

    October 11, 2015
    Vale Chef Paul Prudhomme thanks chef for taking me in when I knew nothing and taking me back again when I knew a little! Always generous, always mindful of the value of work and the dignity it brings, a social innovator who, despite the wealth and fame his cooking skills and restaurant K–Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen brought to him never forgot that he came from dirt poor and what that felt like. And, chef thanks for organising booze in a dry Dallas after 2 x 18 hour consecutive days, the Miller’s beer in the Coke machine, personally making reservations for me in NYC [a bit like God working personally on your behalf], Cajun martini's and everything I learned about cooking and organising large events and running restaurants doing insane a la carte numbers. K–Paul’s remains a worthwhile destination in New Orleans so don’t leave it off your list!

    September 12, 2015
    Where to drink champagne in Champagne…Kaaren Palmer
    Troyes, the ancient capital of Champagne

    • Chez Philippe Bulles & Douceurs offers ten different grower champagnes from Celles–sur–Ource at 11 Champeaux Street
    • Au Cœur de Bouchon, 14 rue Colbert. Closed Sunday & Monday. Other days from 5pm til late
    • Aux Crieurs de Vin, 4 place Juan Juarès

    and in London…Kaaren Palmer
    • Kettners Champagne Bar, 29 Romilly St., Soho… click here
    • The Champagne Room at the Connaught, 16 Carlos Place, Mayfair, W1… click here

    and in Hong Kong…Kaaren Palmer
    please click here

    Ozone Sky Bar at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
    image © copyright Rizt Carlton Hotels

    September 4, 2015
    Kaaren Palmer’s Spring Champagne News please click here

    August 25, 2015
    absolute genius…when Champagne expert James Smith encouraged his friend, and avid menu collector Darryl Thompson to start researching dining in South Australia, it is unlikely that either knew where this long and intensive journey would take them. But, where it took them is to something quite astounding, TRACES, Where Adelaide Ate Out 1836-1960. I may break this 2+kg tome into three, even four pieces, only because the complete is too heavy to read in bed, but it will not diminish the pleasure I know I am going to have exploring this book. I'll buy another to keep for a first edition and leave it pristine on my shelves and the other three pieces will be tattered, torn and covered with post its for future explorations or dishes I would like to attempt.

    This is a self–published book that deserves your dedicated support for the thousands of hours that have gone into Darryl and James scrupulous research…to buy this book contact IMPRINTS BOOKSELLERS +61 8 8231 4454 or use their website to lodge a request www.imprints.com.au

    August 16, 2015

    Champagne Masterclass
    highly recommended by Champagne Editor Kaaren Palmer.

    Please click here to get full details and make a reservation.

    August 8, 2015
    on the good ship Marion for Rockford Wines Steamed Powered Cruises
    Yes is was a challenge but working with a great wine company, two consummate front of house professionals Brett Lanthois (Sommelier and Manager) and Sam Fryar and my kitchen team Rhiannon and Eiren. Lack of sleep is the easiest part of the challenge for me as a chef the hardest is closing the oven door and not viewing window…the most terrifying challenge is what’s happening inside the oven! Too hot, disaster, too cold another sort of disaster. I take my hat off to the cooks and chefs who worked on this boat in its commercial hey day feeding upwards of 90 pax from a quite remarkably challenging menu. To see our menu and matched wines please click here and the 96 Rockford Basket Press was an absolute stunner. Below a little snippet from our trip.

    • All aboard!
    • for one of Australia's most unique food and wine experiences
    • crewed by volunteers with a passion for steam power - photography Drajan Radocaj
    • on the good ship Marion
    • High Tea anyone?
    • well, what's the challenge?
    • Cooking on Esse a wood fired oven for 30 pax
    • Brunch Spanish style
    • No viewing window....scary stuff!!!
    • Early risers...yes more food...but you didn't have to eat it!!
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

    Last chef for 2015 Tobias Gush Chianti Adelaide
    …to read more about these unique trips and for booking details click here

    July 17, 2015
    depuis 1760…a new label for Lanson that just says it all!

    July 16, 2015
    latest news Adelaide…well it is our home town! A fabulous Bastille Dinner at Chianti (thank you Frank, Maria and Toby (owners of Chianti) for allowing me to step outside of Italian cuisine, and cook classical French. Astonishing that every young person in our kitchens identified the boned and stuffed pigs trotter as Marco Peirre White and not Pierre Koffmann who is this dish’s real originator. Of course they were corrected and hopefully rushed away to read about one of the fathers of modern cooking. We humbly thank those of you who attend our special dinners and allow us to persue food and techniques not part of our day to day professional cooking. You can subscribe to receive advance notice of these special dinners please click here

    Our regular Giro d'Italia dinners are a special treat for our followers and explore the wines and food of particular Italian regions. Our next Emilia–Romagna, a region blessed with fantastic food and amazing wines, Monday August 3, 2015 click here for the menu and click here for the booking form.

    Photographer Drajan Radocaj - Engineer John Norris and trainee Eric Wolverson.
    This image is the sum of the Rockford Marion Steam Powered Cruises a generational passion for a time long since gone, John Norris has volunteered for the twenty years of these trips as ship’s engineer.

    24–26 July we are taking up the challenge and cooking for the Rockford Steam Powered Cruises. The real challenge is the wood oven “Esse” These Cruises have maintained and refurbished the Marion steam powered paddle steamer, which is believed to be the last vessel of its type in the world. Hosted for Rockford Wines by the consummate Brett Lanthois (also general manager 2Kw Adelaide) these cruises will celebrate their twentieth year in 2016. A special event is being planned at Rockford Wines which will bring together guests from the twenty years of cruises… so stay tuned!

    To read more about these remarkable trips click here

    Ann Oliver
    Food Editor and Publisher Galaxy Guides

    July 10, 2015
    Kaaren Palmer’s Mid–Year Champagne News… please click here

    June 7, 2015
    winter cooking…the best of please click here

    Frank Ford’s top 10 picks for the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival

    The legend responsible for conceiving our Festival, Frank Ford (pictured above) shares his favourites for the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

    Performing arts visionary Frank Ford AM is the founding father of the Adelaide Fringe and was instrumental in creating our own Adelaide Cabaret Festival. As a lover of Cabaret and Chair of our Festival’s Advisory Committee, Frank’s brain has been picked once again for some guidance in choosing from this year’s jam–packed program, check them out just here.

    one Peter and Jack
Curated by Barry Humphries and dedicated to two Australian musical legends performed by an all–star cast.

    two Pennsylvania Avenue – Starring Bernadette Robinson 
Another brilliant Bernadette Robinson’s ’tour de force’ portraying the singers who performed for US Presidents.

    three The Tap Pack
Sing and joke in this sensational tap dancing show inspired by the outrageous capers of the originalVegas Rat Pack.

    four Eddie Perfect – Songs from the Middle
 Multi-talented, Eddie Perfect’s original, sparkling, musical cocktail of his youthful reminiscences.

    five Exposing Edith – Michaela Burger and Greg Wain
 Michaela Burger is mesmerising; capturing the essence of Piaf’s passion; her lovers and her jour de vivre. 

    six Daniel Koek – Bringing Him Home with His West End Story 
From Gawler to the West End, the songs and story behind the meteoric rise of this musical theatre super-star.

    seven Michael Griffiths – Cole
 The debonair Michael Griffiths seduces us with the brilliant, mischievous songs of the master, Cole Porter.

    eight Meow Meow, Ali McGregor, Storm Large, Lady Rizo are fabulous international stars of the world cabaret scene.

    nine Ray Jessel and Phil Scott Outrageously talented, funny and serious singer/song–writers. True originals!

    ten Trevor Ashley – I’m Every Woman 
Trevor Ashley’s long-awaited return with his astonishing, spectacularly-dressed transformations of legendary divas.

    May 29, 2015
    Champagne tasting and wine auction to benefit UNICEF
    Clever Little Tailor, 19 Peel Street, Adelaide…Sunday June 14, 2015

    Steve Dundon (LVMH ̫ Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Krug), Brad Hickey (McLaren Vale Brash Higgins winery) and Alister Robertson (young sommelier–about–town) team together for this cause. Supported by some very charismatic characters the entire proceeds of this event will go to UNICEF.

    Please click here to make a reservation and even if you can’t come make a donation. We’ll see you there!

    May 28, 2015
    Kaaren Palmer’s Champagne News please click here

    May 2, 2015
    Subscribe directly to Kaaren Palmer’s Champagne News
    We know we are all in the main time poor and the constant deluge of information can be a challenge and we want to make it easy for our readers. Kaaren Palmer’s Champagne section of Galaxy Guides now has its own subscription button. This means, if you only love is Champagne you will only receive Champagne news and events. At times there may be links to other content throughout Galaxy Guides which can just as easily be ignored as it can explored. Please click here to subscribe.

    we’re big on preserving and our pickling and preserving section in our recipe index is loaded with tried and true recipes including olives and quinces and much, much more… click here

    • Quince and Pomegranate - art by Ann Oliver SOLDTo see more of Ann Oliver's art click on the image.
    • Quince and Gorgonzola TartClick on the image for the recipe!
    • Pam Field's Sponge, Quince, Passionfruit CurdClick on the image for the recipe!
    • No Waste Quince PasteClick on the image for the recipe!
    • Green OlivesClick on the image for the recipe!
    • Lina from Patlin Gardens Jumbo OlivesClick on the image for the Patlin's Facebook!
    • Salt Dried Black Olives
    • Persimmon
    • Fresh Cheese - KIS KIFClick on the image for the recipe!
    • Fresh Cheese, Persimmon, Grapefruit, Radish - no recipe required!
    • Try a little Persimmon Cocktail for a smashing starter!No recipe required, just a little imagination...we used sweet ginger syrup.
    Quince and Pomegranate - art by Ann Oliver SOLD1 Quince and Gorgonzola Tart2 Pam Field's Sponge, Quince, Passionfruit Curd3 No Waste Quince Paste4 Green Olives5 Lina from Patlin Gardens Jumbo Olives6 Salt Dried Black Olives7 Persimmon 8 Fresh Cheese - KIS KIF9 Fresh Cheese, Persimmon, Grapefruit, Radish - no recipe required!10 Try a little Persimmon Cocktail for a smashing starter!11

    April 24, 2015
    Kaaren Palmer’s April Champagne News…please click here

    April 17, 2015
    Subscribing to Galaxy Guides is about to change as we migrate to mailchimp services. At some stage towards the end of April you will receive an email asking you to renew your subscription to Galaxy Guides. This will mean a much more efficient contact system letting you know about special events in Australia and new restaurant finds in our favourite cities across the globe.

    We’re doing it again...Rebecca Stubbs (Chapel Hill), Tobias Gush (Chianti Adelaide and Bar Torino), Ann Oliver (Galaxy Guides) and the many terrific young people who volunteered their time to make last year’s Barefoot Initiative dinner such a great success. 100% percent of the ticket price going to the initiative paid for 18 months for the training of three community nurses in Addis Abbaba. The course is three years and we want to pay for the rest of this course for all three...so stay tuned for a September event!

    This is an Adelaide South Australia event.

    Never heard of barefoot…please click here

    March 5, 2015
    ADELAIDE South Australia
    Champagne Editor Kaaren Palmer puts her support behind a Champagne education event THE WORLD OF CHAMPAGNE AT THE ED CELLARS with James Smith at the Ed…please click here for all details

    February 28, 2015
    We’ve just loaded up a revised drinks and late night snack guides for Adelaide onto Jareds’ fab guide.

    Jared Stevens’

    Here we are at the halfway–point of the Adelaide Fringe, and the opening weekend of the Adelaide Festival of Arts, there’s nothing quite like the buzz of excitement that hits Adelaide as Mad March kicks into full swing.

    If you haven’t been out and explored many shows yet, don’t let the next two weeks fly past without experiencing at least one 5 star show, one 1 star show (it is the Fringe after all), one late night party with random international visitors and one seedy festival hangover.

    Local Adelaide festival–schlepper and all round Fringe–addict Jared Stevens gives us his list of must sees for the 2015 festivals. After working 6 Fringe Festivals over the past 8 years including Edinburgh Fringe, Jared is currently Festivals Programming Coordinator at Adelaide Festival Centre, working with Barry Humphries on Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2015…to read about Jareds’s top picks please click here

    Jared Stevens is Festival Programming Coordinator, Adelaide Festival Centre

    Hot Brown Honey…image © Hot Brown Honey

    February 17, 2015 bars, bars and more bars…opening in Adelaide. Yesterday Bar Torino the sibling child of Adelaide’s Italian machine Chianti. A short while ago Proof a sort of sibling to Press and melt CBD; super stylish with gorgeous casement windows that belong rather than artificially inserted. In fact so many of these new places are bringing some of Adelaide's most distinctively gorgeous buildings back to life. No less so than Bar Torino, where, when the crappy plaster was chipped away exposed the most exquisite artisan stonework. Try Press and Melt with their heavenly deco exteriors and gorgeous interior architecture…and we are told two new places in close proximity shortly to open.

    And just to prove there’s quite a bit of hype in Adelaide at the moment we have Magill Estate and Orana doing similar levels of service in very different ways at the high end. Then we have Africola (yet to be visited) and a plethora of small bars and quirky places most often just breakfast and lunch and modestly priced. Can we think that Christine Manfield might be considering a come back in Adelaide and doing the insane thing of opening again? Such an intense look at the Adelaide dining scene might just be market research?

    top…Proof, tiny, cute, good wine and cocktail list; interesting Champagne, generous pour and a competitive $19 AUD; food is sensibly simple and their pork brioche toastie is delicious and cheese is at room temperature…bless!!!

    bottom…Bar Torino a very fresh newbie, so cut them some slack they only opened yesterday. Chilled out cool is probably the best way to describe Bar Torino. Try the vermouth ’pronounced vermut’ and be very surprised at how well this sweet but dry wine goes with their tapas style food. Off the charcoal ribs and once a night paella add to the show! We did notice that guests arrived around midday and seemed to be still going at 6pm which leads us to think that Bar Torino may well become ’the local’s local!’

    in the interest of transparency we need to inform our readers that food editor and publisher Ann Oliver has an on–going relationship with Chianti and Bar Torino

    Kaaren Palmer’s February Champagne News please click here to read more.

    Left Anselme Selosse copyright © Vic Pugatschew www.photessence.com

    some new finds in Adelaide and gorgeous small and not so small South Australian gifts to take or send home or just indulge yourself…our favourite Adelaide shop… click here to read more.

    After many working trips to China I dream of finding authentic Chinese food in Adelaide and this so very suburban find tendon soup fulfilled a memory! AO

    we really know where the food we cook comes check out our most recent post on facebook by clicking here

    mad about bread?
    in NYC next Saturday
    January 24 try a cool class with master baker Jim Lahey. Hands on many of our subscribers have been to Jim’s classes and just loved every second… click here for full details.

    Image right Jim Lahey’s fabulous
    “no knead bread”
    which, we make all the time!!!

    The French so brave in their determination to defend our most precious gift, freedom of speech. Click on the image to like Je Suis Charlie on facebook and add you support!

    January 11, 2015
    pickled onions it’s been a long time since I have been able to purchase little onions good enough for pickling. Patlin Gardens of course and the best ever recipe, actually my father’s, and his only culinary contribution to our family. The featured in the only two dishes he delivered in winter — toast (always made over the fire) with lashings of butter and his pickled onions or Gorgonzola Metwurst toasties, again, with his pickled onions. Both are still loved by our family. Our Dad was in many ways a man ahead of his time, driven by his search for spice and the unusual… click here to go to his recipe.

    And…when you reach the point that reading another cookbook is going to send you to the nearest bridge to jump off of, trust us you need some get down and dirty crime.

    January 3, 2015
    recipes to beat the heat…and yes we know the abundance of fruit does apply some pressure. Stella Stock’s fabulous jam apricot recipe that we have tweaked to suit all types of fruit and our pesto recipe… click here

    December 26, 2014
    tough love if you want to eat out over the Christmas and New Year break in any state in Australia but we have a few tips for our home city Adelaide and the very nearby wine regions…please click here

    best city lights well we have a feeling Brisbane wins this one. Graceville Avenue, Tennyson…impossible to miss, set aside at least 45 minutes to enjoy the full sequence of this fabulous gift to the community.

    please click here to view a snippet.

    We’re in Brisbane so stay tuned for some great new Brisbane eats, but last night our friend Renata Roberts Sichuan Bang Bang hit the spot.

    December 1, 2014
    Kaaren Palmer receives the coveted Dame Chevalier d’Ordre des Côteaux de Champagne…“A night to remember” click here to read more.

    November 8, 2014
    Are they native? Are they edible? I’ve got thousands of them and I want to cook with them…only if they’re not going to kill someone of course!!! Yes, I’ll be trying it on myself!!! please email me AO

    a pan with providence Mark Henry the founding father of Füri Knives has a new venture with a marvellous cast pan that most amazingly of all is manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia (our home city). As a lover of cast iron, with a collection of many some with 50 years of loyal service to their credit, properly cared for cast iron can see generations of cooks and improve with age…even more amazingly they are great with induction, which is the future of cooking both domestic and commercial. To read more please click here

    October 24, 2014
    sad news from France Kaaren Palmer joins all Champagne lovers to celebrate the life of the late Thierry Roset of Champagne Charles Heidsieck please click here

    October 11, 2014
    they’re back the absolutely fantastic Jasus Edwardsii…to the rest of us mere mortals the Southern Hemisphere crayfish season has begun. The price of course is through the roof because their fishers cooperative marketing team led, in the USA by Matthew Muggleton and the family run South Australian business Ferguson Australia have done a brilliant job bringing our crayfish to the attention of the world’s best chefs. Expect to pay, but if you’re clever and utilise everything including the tomalley and the shell it can be as cheap as chicken!!! For detailed instructions about cooking and handling click here

    October 5, 2014
    Kaaren Palmer Galaxy Guides Champagne editor is back in Adelaide, book under her arm with just one chapter to revise. Many of you may not know that Kaaren has been living in Reims for the past 12 months whilst researching and writing her book about Champagne. There will be much more about Kaaren’s book in the coming weeks.

    It’s been a long cold and sometimes wet winter in South Australia, but atlast we have vinebud and blue skies and the promise of a new vintage…Barossa Valley last week.

    September 19, 2014
    Harvest in Champagne
    Champagne Editor Kaaren Palmer reports on the 2014 Champagne harvest…please click here to read the full report.

    above…the dining room at Buon Ricordo Ristorante,
    continuous entry on our list since 2006 — image copyright © Buon Ricordo Ristorante

    September 17, 2014
    Emma Hack exhibition opens in Adelaide Town Hall…please click here to read more

    Image published with kind permission Emma Hack copyright © Emma Hack 2014

    September 15, 2014
    where we have eaten in Adelaide
    this week…please click here to read more.

    September 5, 2014
    It’s back! in the Southern Hemisphere at least and for us it doesn’t come better for us than Darling Street Riverland asparagus…click here to read more.

    August 18, 2014
    Kaaren Palmer’s August Champagne news…please click here
    Many of you may not realise that Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer has been living in Reims for the past eight months whilst she finishes her book about Champagne. With just eight chapters yet to be written there is already a lot of interest in her book which is the first of its type. Kaaren’s book guides the reader through developing a knowledge base about Champagne, advanced tasting skills and accumulating a deep level of knowledge about Champagne.

    August 1, 2014…Ruinart tasting at the Lion, Adelaide…please click here

    August 6, 2014…updated 20 August 3 places remaining
    Join Galaxy Guides food editor Ann Oliver, chef Anna McCormack and sommelier Duncan Vent (Chianti) for Oliver’s EAT MY ART destroy my art luncheon at Chianti, Friday 22 August, 2014 12.30pm Email admin@chianti.net.au or call +61 8 8232 7955

    August 5, 2014

    SALA South Australian Living Artist festival is very special. Expect the unexpected, the quirky…it might be a posh restaurant, a hair dressing salon located in a quirky part of town, a little café in the heart of the Adelaide Central Markets, or a wonderful exhibition in a private home, which in the case of the mightily eccentric Harvey Collins includes a tour of their exquisite garden…get the picture??? Use the official SALA web site to plan your day, then interweave, breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few glasses of Champagne slotted in here and there…sounds like a plan, you’d better believe it! Please click here to go to the SALA web site and we've given you a few links below to some of our perennial favourites. Our favourites verge, well teeter, on the slightly eccentric but we believe Adelaide is great for that and what we especially love about SALA is that the participants range from the vey famous, to those just starting out to those just having their first go…we just love it!!!

    Harvey Collins August 2–3, 9–10, 16–17, 23–24, 11.00am – 3.30pm…private home studio and stunning garden, 42 Hardy Street, Millswood…mobile 0424 727 117

    Curious Orange hair studio Elizabeth Street Croydon…artist Gerry Wedd, highly famous old friend of the two cool chicks who run the studio click here to see Gerry’s post. Good coffee at Red Door Bakery and two of our favourite Adelaide shops Hype&Seek and One Small Room who also has a SALA exhibition lino cuts by Georgia Cheeseman.

    Eat My Art 2
    Ann Oliver (Galaxy Guides food editor and publisher) at Chianti 160 Hutt Street Adelaide August 4 – 22…To see more of Ann Oliver’s art please click here

    August 1, 2014
    Adelaide South Australia if you love Ruinart Champagne (as much as we do!!) this value for money tasting sounds amazing. Just 30 places with half already sold, event starts at 6.30pm…venue The Lion North Adelaide…please click here for details.

    July 17, 2014
    Kaaren Palmer’s Champagne news
    The best bar in the world to drink Champagne…an that is just the beginning of Kaaren’s July news…please click here to read more

    July 14, 2014
    Bastille Day celebrated by chefs throughout the world for the inspiration French cuisine has given us over many generations. It might be the ingenious tools of Escoffier and the connection to his brilliant documentation of his food...it might be a lunch or dinner at one of France’s fabulous three starred Michelin restaurants, a Napoleon at Fuchon exquisitely embellished with their divine packaging or a simple, but incredible market meal of superb just–baked bread, amazing butter and the best of cheese. And if that isn’t enough, of course, who else but the French gave us Champagne!!

    Food and Art…Galaxy Guides’ food editor and publisher Ann Oliver.
    From the left bone marrow brioche, bone marrow, foie gras, sauce Madeira and right, one of the many Bastille Day menu covers painted by Oliver since 1981.

    in July food editor Ann Oliver will take a fresh look at Adelaide and explain how Magill Estate Restaurant, Orana and Celsius (her top three Adelaide picks) can be negotiated even when you don’t have big bucks to spend but have a passion for the higher end!

    last week a very good Krug dinner
    at Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant. Hosted by Penfolds Senior winemaker Steve Lienert and Olivier Krug (himself) it was an incredible treat for diners and guests. The generosity of the event was appreciated by all…please click here to see the menu and Krug matches.

    Krug dinner at Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant…OLivier Krug enchants diners with family stories and annecdotes from the house of Krug!
    image copyright Milton Wordley, Adelaide, South Australia

    heading for NYC…our New York contributor Helen Stephan’s list ranges from the high end of the likes of 11 Maddison Square to the quirky local, to the Hamptons. There’s nothing like local knowledge to get you where you want to go…to read more click here

    Exquisite culinary art at 11 Maddison Square
    Image copyright © 11 Maddison Square

    Monday 9 June, 2014
    Champagne Editor Kaaren Palmer’s Champagne news…a bit of goss and a lot of information from Reims where Kaaren has been working on her book about Champagne for several months…please click here

    Monday April 14, 2014
    Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer’s Champagne news…please click here

    Monday 10 March, 2014
    Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer sends lots of news from France
    …please click here to read Kaaren’s latest news.

    OMG…2005 Roederer Cristal divine especially when it got to about 14°C subtle bead, exquisite mild smoke on the nose after 15 minutes…I am thinking lightly smoked oyster with a béchamel blanket embellished with the smoked oyster liquor, a tiny amount of chervil in the béchamel, crunchy crumb with EV, Maldon and black pepper, and a very small amount of finely grated parmesan…makes my mouth water!!! AO

    Friday 27 February, 2014
    Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer explores the house of Dosnon & Lepage
    …please click here to read the full story.

    Sunday 16 February, 2014
    Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer News from France …please click here to read more

    Also Kaaren reviews the little bar in Reims, Le Wine Bar By Le Vintage, that has become their local. Having found good food at the medium end hard to find in Reims unsurprisingly Le Wine Bar By Le Vintage gets a very good wrap…please click here to read the full review.

    Esse Avellan one of only 2 MWs in Scandinavia…please click here to read more
    image copyright © Esse Avellan 2014

    breakfast in Adelaide updated…please click here

    Feburary 3, 2014
    from Kaaren Palmer
    Michael Edwards reviews the Tom Stevenson update…please CLICK HERE

    January 28, 2014
    Helen Stephan (NYC contributor) gives us the low down on the Hampton’s…please click here

    The Surf Lodge just one of Helen Stephan’s many eclectic recommendations for the Hamptons.
    image courtesy and © copyright the Surf Lodge, 2014

    Tuesday 31 December, 2014
    Greetings from Reims…please click here

    Sunday 22 December, 2013
    Heaven help you if you are landing in Australia for Christmas! Many of our best restaurants are closed, our best food shops and farmers’ markets are shut and basically the rest is history.

    It is impossible for us to log everyone’s Christmas trading hours so we offer this advice. For city locations, ring the restaurant you are seeking to dine at and you might be lucky. Heading out of the city to wine regions is good advice…most will only shut for Christmas Day and possibly New Year’s day. There is plenty of good regional wine country dining to be found throughout Australia.

    Wednesday 18 december, 2013
    celebrate the South Australian cherry season cick on the image right to go to our favourite cherry supplier…a very cool thing to do between Christmas and New year or this weekend if you have the time!!

    Monday December 16, 2013
    Kaaren Palmer’s December 2013 Champagne News…please click here

    December 8, 2013
    Loads of fab information, recipes, social comment and much more!!!

    • A work of art in so many ways Milton Wordley'sA Year in the Life of Grange..click on the image for details
    • A great year for strawberriesfor the best ever strawberry ice cream recipe...click on the image
    • KIS KIF...keep it simple, keep it freshAustralian Blue Swimmer, steamed, white wine vinegar, white pepper
    • Smoked duck and pickled cherry saladclick on recipe for pickled cherries..smoking next week
    • Relatively new to Australia Champagne Besserat de BellefonExport Manager Godefroy Baijot.stay tuned for some cool events 2014
    • the young guns of Champagneclick on the image
    • Subcribe to Galaxy Guides Champagneand get invitations to very special intimate Champagne events...click on the image
    • Kaaren Palmer's where to drink Champagne in Parisclick on the image
    • Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurantexciting news for lovers of fine dining too soon to review but we like a lot!!!
    • Adelaide Peel St...Theodoros utterly delicious KIS KIFjust three large pots and pick a punnet a day
    • coming soonHelen Stephan's Hamptons
    • in season Australian Garlicpulled this week
    • Helen Stephan has New York coveredMadison Square...click on the image for the low down
    • If you're in NYC, we highly recommendJim Lahey's University of Bread...click on the image
    • seriously into food and winewe do cooking classes for advanced cooks...click on the image
    • you have to love people who grow thingsjust two weeks till South Australian nectarine times
    • Jaboticatawhere else but The Food Forest...click on the image to go to their web site
    • Jan Bowman's Brisbaneclick on the image...soon to be substantially updated
    • Walk across my swimming pool turn my water into wineJesus Christ Super Star...Magill Estate Restaurant circa 1996..where are they now??
    • true KIS KIFwe have hundreds of fab recipes...click on the image
    • super fast, super easy summer dessertsclick on the image and scroll down
    • a light alternative to the Christmas trifleclick on the image
    • We are in love with good breadcheck out the bread section in our recipe index
    • try something sensational with crayfishclick on the image for more recipes by food editor Ann Oliver
    • RIP OFF say no!!!grow your own and stuff these bastards!!!!
    • Oh..we forgot it's Christmas!!!the best baked ham...click on the image
    • for more tips and ideasclick on the image
    • as for surviving Christmasmight we suggest a Ruinart Magnum or a ticket to somewhere else might just do the trick!!!
    • If I see another 'so called' high profile chefsupport the big supermarket chains I am buying an AK47..AO

    web site last updated December 1, 2013
    Lots of new very cool South Australian events, our favourite Adelaide restaurants and the best of local seasonal produce… click here

    Best Restaurant Award part one of three parts…please click here — 6 November, 2013
    part two Best Chef awards and part three The future of restaurant reviewing have been postponed due to work pressures until early December

    the guru of Champagne guides Tyson Stelzer…9 November, 2013
    Tyson Stelzer celebrates the launch of his 2014 – 2015 The Champagne Guide
    …“The best ever Champagne guide” Huon Hooke, the Sydney Morning Herald

    next week…fantastic recipes for the great Southern Rocklobster, NYC contributor Helen Stephan guides you through her favourite haunts in the Hamptons and Thorn Park by the Vines, David Hay shares his letters from NYC

    meet the young guns of Champagne
    Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer guides you through all of the recent awards for the new gene last updated Tuesday October 29, 2013eration of Champagne makers and also a special Adelaide Champagne dinner to launch Tyson Stelzer’s new edition of The Champagne Guide 2013 – 2014…please click here

    Marie and Benoit Doyard
    image published with kind permission www.champagne-salomon.com

    last weekend an exciting and brand new festival The Body in the Garden, South Australian Crime and Garden Wrietrs’ Festival… click here for full details

    In Adelaide for the festival click here to find eclectic dining, shopping and drinking and other fun information for Adelaide

    Champagne news from Kaaren Palmer…take a look at the Champagne and food matches from her most recent Champagne dinner…please click here

    • a revised list for SydneyOscillate Wildly...click on the image to go to the list
    • Buon Riccordo Ristorantestill a great favourite with us some twenty years on..click on the image
    • Oscillate Wildy...divine desserts
    • so much to Syndey
    • the first strawberries of the South Australian season
    • Beerenberg celebrate the season start at their farm this Sunday from 2-4pm free entry for PYO strawberries & free scones with jam & cream..click on image for details
    • fascinating...long leaf coriander
    • fenugreek leaves...powerful exotic flavoureasy to grow and a nouvelle addition to Asian salads
    • A work of art in so many ways Milton Wordley'sA Year in the Life of Grange..click on the image for details
    • THE BODY IN THE GARDEN 25-27 OCTOBERSouth Australian Crime and Garden Writer's Festival - click on image for details
    • Champagne is taken seriously on Galaxy Guides
    • Kaaren Palmer's where to drink Champagne in Australiaclick on the image
    • everyone knows someone who is diabeticAt My Table is a great resource and proceeds go to diabetes research
    • Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurantexciting news for lovers of fine dining
    • open again at last!!!and these pics do not give the new outfit away
    • Huggins food current menuhigh hopes because we love this restaurant images copyright © Penfolds
    • New executive chef Scott Huggins comes with a very fine pedigree
    • Peel Sta fab new addition to Adelaide dining
    • they have hit the ground running...and survived...highly recommended!
    • Theodoros utterly delicious KIS KIFkeep it simple, keep it fresh!!!
    • The Vintage Beata collective crammed with surprises just off Port Road
    • microwaved rilettes...I don't think so!!!The Highway...good wine list, shitty glassware for the price, excellent service....terrible food....not recommended!
    • fresh lotus roota textural crunch still some good quality around
    • a delicious little dinner rollthis week we're into not so rustic..click on the image for the recipe
    • Auntie Mara's Galatabourekothe best ever recipe next week
    • they're back the great Southern Rocklobster
    • so many applications
    • fresh Tasmanian wasabi

    and later this weekend New York contributor Helen Stephan gives us the lowdown on another of her NYC stomping grounds The Hamptons and David Hay, Thorn Park by the Vines, sends us two wonderful letters from NYC

    Saturday October 5, 2013
    An updated list for Syndey…please click here to go straight to the list

    • La Forza del DestinoState Opera of South Australia Tuesday 15, Thursday 17 and Saturday 19 October...click on the image
    • A work of art in so many ways Milton Wordley'sA Year in the Life of Grange..click on the image for details
    • THE BODY IN THE GARDEN 25-27 OCTOBERSouth Australian Crime and Garden Writer's Festival - click on image for details
    • Champagne is taken seriously on Galaxy Guides
    • Kaaren Palmer's where to drink Champagne in Australiaclick on the image
    • a revised list for SydneyOscillate Wildly...click on the image to go to the list
    • Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurantexciting news for lovers of fine dining
    • open again at last!!!and these pics do not give the new outfit away
    • New executive chef Scott Huggins comes with a very fine pedigree
    • Huggins food current menuhigh hopes because we love this restaurant images copyright © Penfolds
    • and the winner is?results to be announced this month for the South Australian judging
    • Peel Sta fab new addition to Adelaide dining
    • they have hit the ground running...and survived...highly recommended!
    • Theodoros utterly delicious KIS KIFkeep it simple, keep it fresh!!!
    • How good is this???Australian morels from the Mushroom Man
    • new and we love it!CBD South Australia
    • The Vintage Beata collective crammed with surprises just off Port Road
    • click on the image to go to their web site
    • Buon Riccordo Ristorantestill a great favourite with us some twenty years on..click on the image
    • Oscillate Wildy...divine desserts
    • so much to Syndeyexpect the unexpected...click on the image
    La Forza del Destino1 A work of art in so many ways Milton Wordley's2 THE BODY IN THE GARDEN 25-27 OCTOBER3 Champagne is taken seriously on Galaxy Guides4 Kaaren Palmer's where to drink Champagne in Australia5 a revised list for Sydney6 Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant7 open again at last!!!8 New executive chef Scott Huggins comes with a very fine pedigree9 Huggins food current menu10 and the winner is?11 Peel St12 they have hit the ground running...13 Theodoros utterly delicious KIS KIF14 How good is this???15 new and we love it!16 The Vintage Beat17 click on the image to go to their web site18 Buon Riccordo Ristorante19 Oscillate Wildy...divine desserts20 so much to Syndey21

    September 17, 2013
    Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer Champagne news…Decanter Magazine awards and much more…please click here to go to Champagne news.

    Rebecca Stubbs executive chef for Chapel Hill wines will be at 2013 Riverland field days…please click here to read more

    Kaaren Palmer and lots of regular Champagne news…please click here
    July 19
    Kaaren Palmer reviews Heston Blummenthal’s The Fat Duck…please click here
    and Ann Oliver makes some updates to Adelaide…please click here

    • and the tea party beginsThe Mad Hatter Prepares the Fob Watch
    • The Mad Hatter Prepares the Teapot
    • Assembled, ready for the show!
    • Genuine toast sandwiches…..
    • The Tea Party is Ready
    and the tea party begins1 The Mad Hatter Prepares the Teapot
2 Assembled, ready for the show!
3 Genuine toast sandwiches…..4 The Tea Party is Ready5

    July 13…celebrating all things French and
    Kaaren Palmer reviews Heston Blummenthal’s The Fat Duck…please click here

    • Celebrating all things FrenchArtwork Ann Oliver
    • Champagne edited by Kaaren Palmerclick on the image
    • South Australian oyster with ruby grapefruit and shallotclick on the image
    • Shannon Bennett's Parisa good guide to this wondrous city
    • Bread the staple of the French kitchenclick on the image to go to the recipe
    • Champagne Dinner Menu 2011
    • Kaaren Palmer Champagne educationclick on the image to see more
    • Galaxy Guides Cooks' Clubclass cover 2011
    • Our Crème Caramelclick on the image to go straight to the recipe
    • Vue de Monde Melbourne where all things French are celebrated...click on the image
    • La Glace pistachio...click on the imagefor ice cream recipes
    • the tricks of the French kitchen
    • to celebrate Bastille Daya magnum perhaps
    • and to go with.....?blini and caviary??
    • another classic from the French kitchenthe perfect brioche
    • a perfect mussel dishand perfect with Champagne..click on the image for the recipe
    • pigs ears, radish and pursulane salad....divine!
    Celebrating all things French1 Champagne edited by Kaaren Palmer2 South Australian oyster with ruby grapefruit and shallot3 Shannon Bennett's Paris4 Bread the staple of the French kitchen5 Champagne Dinner Menu 20116 Kaaren Palmer Champagne education7 Galaxy Guides Cooks' Club8 Our Crème Caramel9 Vue de Monde Melbourne where all things French are celebrated10 La Glace pistachio...click on the image11 the tricks of the French kitchen12 to celebrate Bastille Day13 and to go with.....?14 another classic from the French kitchen15 a perfect mussel dish16 pigs ears, radish and pursulane salad....divine!17

    July 6 links to content and imformation from the slider below

    • Barefoot in Ethiopia - community eventclick on the image for details
    • it's the citrus seasonfrom Fat Goose Organics and The Food Forrest..click on the image
    • Hentley Farm...Barossa ValleyReview next week..click on the image to take a look at the property
    • Jan Bowman's Brisbane west endVulture Street, West End...copyright Jan Bowman
    • Paniyiri Greek Fest 2013Brisbane's West End...copyright Jan Bowman
    • at the end of Julyan ecelctic mix of Brisbane's West End...copyright Jan Bowman
    • At My Table...ecipes for diabeticsclick on the image for more details
    • 11 Madison Parkthe ultimate New York guide...contributor Helen Stephan and friends click on the image
    • winter vegetables
    • a simple fish bone stockthat turns into Greek fish soup
    • luscious home-made pastieswith the right amount of pepper...click on the image
    • Kaaren Palmer's Champagne Just love to drink Champagne or want to learn about Champagne...click on the image
    • divine ruby grape fruit from Fat Goose organics
    • South Australian oyster with ruby grapefruit and shallotclick on the image
    • we love Patlin Gardens jumbo olivestry stuffing them, crumb, fry and a good mayonnaise...heaven!
    • a piece of late 50s heaven..working orderclick on the image to visit one of or favourite shops
    • A taste of ChinaAdelaide Central Markets old food court
    • Adelaide's best crispy beef
    • in season lotus rootThuan Phat and some other Chinese grocers
    • new main street Tanundanext to Priceline chemist a treasure trove of just about everything
    • and...right at the rear a cute cafeand if aroma is anything to go by worth a look!
    • rebuilding lives Hutt Street CentreParacombe Wines winter initiative click on the image

    Friday June 28, 2013
    We celebrate a life well lived, but the sad passing of Barossan wine legend Peter Lehmann and our deepest sympathy to Peter’s lifelong mate and legend in her own right the wonderful Margaret Lehmann.

    Apart from making exceptional wines for many, many years personally some of the reasons I love these two most…a team, warriors for Barossan tradition, willing to take a risk, generous supporters of youth coming through the ranks but most of all I love them for being the only wine company to my knowledge to have had a wine label banned…yes!!! AO

    Image copyright © The Australian
    to see a marvellous tribute by The Australian please click here

    June 14, 2013
    champagne news from Kaaren Palmer…please click here to read more

    postcard from Kaaren Palmer currently in Champagne doing extensive research (and tasting) for her forthcoming book A Year of Champagne…a journey with friends (click on the title to read a chapter)

    Le Bocale, Reims
    Which is a tiny fish shop with a few rooms at the back. Grower champagne by the glass. All cheap and good, fabulous fresh seafood – good oysters (Royales Cabanon No.3 and Veules Les Roses), small prawns called ’bouquet moyens’. All excellent, and not expensive. Ate there 2 nights in a row, as so busy just needed something light. Treated self to a teaspoon of caviar €10. Yum!

    Plenty of food places and champagne bars nearby, too, absolutely buzzing this morning as it’s just near the Reims market, and every man and his doggie are there. Yes, they are crazy about their dogs. There was a huge woofer in one of the rooms near me in the Porte de Mars Hotel on Thursday night𕢦love to all Kaaren!

    Friday June 8, 2013
    Kaaren Palmer shares a chapter of her forthcoming book “A Year of Champagne…A Journey with Friends please click here to read more

    today cool stuff to do in Adelaide and nearby wine regions this weekend…please click here and a terrific pastie recipe…please click here

    vale Howard Twelftree…oh what a party!
    A simple service and the mother of a wake started in two locations, The Duke of Brunswick in Gilbert Street and f Park Lok 130 Grote Street corner Morphett Street. Philip White will be hosting at Park Lok. Karyn Foster hosted at the Brunswick and Philip White the Park Lok with a regrouping to the Duke as numbers dwindled.

    Wine poured in and down and food arrived at various intervals. Stories were told and re–told as everyone shared their sadness and love. Funny stories, hilarious stories, naughty stories and sad stories. It was just the type of send off Howard would have enjoyed.

    Philip White and Karyn Foster have a way with words and between them so beautifully summed Howard the deliciously naughty, naughty man. Please click here to read Philip’s eulogy and scroll down and here to read Karyn’s ever so apt and ever so funny eulogy!!! Speakers at the service were John Neylon, Kerry Heysen–Hicks, Cheong Liew, Philip White, Charles Gent & Christine Beale.

    to read the special Adelaide Review 400th issue tribute to Howard please click here and to read Howard’s final review click here

    Champagne news from Kaaren Palmer who is currently travelling in the United Kingdom…please click here

    Jan Bowman takes a look at coffee in Brisbane and adds some more of her wonderful photographic insights to her city…later this week!

    Image copyright © Jan Bowman

    vale Howard Twelftree (alias John McGrath)
    died Friday 24 May, 2013
    Mourned by his many mates who loved his wit, encyclopaedic food and wine knowledge, his wonderful writing and perhaps most of all his unlimited capacity for naughtiness, best summed up by Adam Wynn “What a marvelous mad bastard he was.”

    For more wonderful tributes for Howard Twelftree the 400th edition of the Adelaide Review has been devoted to his memory…please click here

    A small piece of Adelaide dining history circa 2002, from the left Philip White author Drinkster the late Howard Twelftree (alias John McGrath) and Martin Verryt now with his own wine business Grape Works at a Champagne lunch at the former Nediz Tu…image copyright © Milton Wordley 2002

    last week …Champagne Editor Kaaren Palmer writes from Stockholm about the fall from excellence of Mathais Dahlgren and adds some new generation dining experiences for this wonderful city…please click here

    Food editor and publisher Ann Oliver adds a fabulous new Gorgonzola, quince and Labeneh tart to the recipe index…please click here and if you love this recipe, you might also enjoy this wonderful persimmon salad published a couple of weeks ago click here

    18 May, 2013…Champagne Editor Kaaren Palmer reviews dinner by Heston Blumenthal…please click here to read her review.

    May 14…“Iam still mulling over NOMA and The Fat Duck, both so amazing in their very individual ways. We are sitting in the amazing St. Pancras Station Hotel, in what was formerly the booking office. Ordering a half of Louis Roederer. It just arrived, room temp, we have told them off. Tonight, we are dining in the Gilbert Scott Restaurant Kevin’s choice, Kevin’s part of the holiday. It’s a Marcus Wareing in a grand part of the original Midland Hotel. Anyway, the whole place is one of London’s “finest restored buildings”. We agree!” Kaaren Palmer

    two weeks agoit’s finally here our eclectic New York list…please click here to read Helen Stephan’s fabulous restaurant crawl in the Flatiron district and for dozens of other great suggestions…please click here.

    • New York.....finally!!!the only list for the food and wine obsessed...click on any image
    • Boqueria in the Soho district
    • Marc Forgionea sublime dining experience
    • we love Jim Lahey's recipesand the best news is you can attend a class with Jim...click on the image
    • Eleven Madison Parka dining experience never to be forgotten! image copyright © Francesco Tonelli
    • Le Circwhere classic French heals all disappointments!
    • Marie's Crisis Centrestep off the main stream....experience something different!
    • super posh, super good...the MOMA members' dining roomsuch a clever idea a temporary membership is a must do!
    • Molé...a restaurant that posts it's crewhas, we reckon, a big heart!
    • a well kept New York secret PDT (please don't tell)
    • Eataly..a fab food store with multiple restaurants
    • Junoonforget everything you think you know about an Indian restaurant
    • Cannibalsmeat and beer no place for a vegetarian
    New York.....finally!!!1 Boqueria in the Soho district2 Marc Forgione3 we love Jim Lahey's recipes4 Eleven Madison Park5 Le Circ6 Marie's Crisis Centre7 super posh, super good...the MOMA members' dining room8 Molé...a restaurant that posts it's crew9 a well kept New York secret PDT (please don't tell)10 Eataly..a fab food store with multiple restaurants11 Junoon12 Cannibals13

    A very grateful thanks to Helen Stephan, an Australian living in New York for her huge and continuing contribution and Olivia Stratton, Lily Lane, Beverly Phillips, Christopher Menz, Matthew Muggleton, Anne Marie Shin and Milton Wordley for sharing their little New York secrets because this list is the sum of their experience and passion.

    last weekchampagne news from Kaaren Palmer…please click here


    • Kalangadoo Organics Applesclick on the image to try our favourite apple recipe
    • divine dolci!Where else Andre's Cucina and Polenta Bar..click on the image
    • you've got to put in the lovewhite bait wrapped in pancetta with a good lime mayonnaise...de'bloody..vine!
    • the perfect open sandwich..starts with....the perfect bread...click on the image
    • it's the olive season...click on the imageor check out pickling and preserving in our recipe index
    • worth the effort....our truly scrumptiouspistachio ice cream...click on the image...we use Food Forest pistachios
    • try this stupendous poppyseed tart withsome wonderfully simple poached pears..click on the image
    • a classic show girlZalzburger Knockerln...click on the image
    • simply soup...use your imagination!!!and use all your bits and pieces!
    • fancy being a cowgirl...or boy???Littlest Vintage...click on the image
    • what a pisser....not enough water and insect damagesolution for non organic is white oil...anyone got an organic solution!!!
    • true believers Nirvana Organicscelebrate 30 years of keeping the faith...click on the image
    • Swinging Bowl James Place Adelaidego early, sambal eggs, rice and gravy is a Malaysian memory relived!
    • very good coffeeat the Spanish deli el choto Port Road
    • and the best toastie anywheregood bread, loads of butter, ham and cheese...yumbo!
    • red dood bakery sausage rolland Croydon store makes excellent coffee
    • Vietnamese coffeeis excellent at our favourites...check out $20 in the Adelaide guide
    • it's the quince seasonsavoury or sweet everyone loves them!
    • add these jewels to your favourite saladshatter pack freeze them for later in the year!
    • Helen Stephan's new york......next weekend!
    • Kaaren Palmer reports from France...next week
    Kalangadoo Organics Apples1 divine dolci!2 you've got to put in the love3 the perfect open sandwich..starts with....4 it's the olive season...click on the image5 worth the effort....our truly scrumptious6 try this stupendous poppyseed tart with7 a classic show girl8 simply soup...use your imagination!!!9 fancy being a cowgirl...or boy???10 what a pisser....not enough water and insect damage11 true believers Nirvana Organics12 Swinging Bowl James Place Adelaide13 very good coffee14 and the best toastie anywhere15 red dood bakery sausage roll16 Vietnamese coffee17 it's the quince season18 add these jewels to your favourite salad19 Helen Stephan's new york......next weekend!20 Kaaren Palmer reports from France...next week21

    in the past couple of weeks not a lot as we are just flat chat…Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer is travelling in Europe and just been to Noma for dinner (for the second time) and her email is full of praise…“divine, delicious, amazing, consistent and we must also note former South Australian James Spreadbury is now maitre dé” woo hoo!!!

    • chef turned ceramicist Wayne McCarawe dig his work a lot....he’s easy to find on facebook
    • one of our many Chinese childrenLily Wang with food editor Ann Oliver, Shanghai
    • how cool will this bewhen you can have a glass of wine, some bread, sliced meats and condiments.....Lucia's Adelaide Central Markets
    • people always ask me what I cook myself...KIS KIF rice, Cleland Gully free range egg (that don't stink like rotten fish), my chilli white sesame, herbs and greens from my tiny garden
    • Ruinart blanc de blancs magnum
    • don't throw this in the binbury it in some good compost and you'll have enough chilli plants to give to everyone you know
    •  a new place to drink Champage in SyndeyThe Bentley...click on the image
    • Press Food + Winewe like a lot...not too many rules and a great Champagne list
    • Helen Stephan's New YorkCannibals and yes you guessed it no place for a vegetarian!!!
    • More New York...contributor Christopher Menzspecial membership for the dining room at MOMA..a very cool thing to do!
    chef turned ceramicist Wayne McCara1 one of our many Chinese children2 how cool will this be3 people always ask me what I cook myself...4 IMGP45235 don't throw this in the bin6  a new place to drink Champage in Syndey7 Press Food + Wine8 Helen Stephan's New York9 More New York...contributor Christopher Menz10

    added to Barcelona Foods of Spain give a great run down on Tapas in the San Sebastian region click here to read the full article about tapas and Olivia Stratton’s guide to Barcelona. Foods of Spain is a Spanish government initiative to promote Spanish culture and cuisine and over the years we have found it a very reliable source of information…AO March 26, 2013

    couple of weeks ago…easter things to bake and to do, the Barossa Vintage Festival…we tease you with an insight into Helen Stephan’s New York which we will launch in the coming week, we share our crème caramel recipe and much more!

    • the best of Easter dessertsthe Pashka and best of all it's better if it's made a couple of days in advance...click on the image for the recipe
    • too, too divinecheck out where to drink Champagne in Melbourne...click on the image
    • classic Greektrue KIS KIF cinnamon spiced tomatoes with okra...we'll be featuring recipes with okra after Easter
    • Patlin Gardensperfect peppers at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market...click on the image
    • the end of April, a new review for Noma Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer is travelling in Europe for three months expect some great new stories
    • we love Sydney...art everywhereclick on the image to read about our favourites
    • why is our cremé caramel so heavenly???fresh preservative free cream and full cream milk from Jersey Dairy..click on the image for the recipe!!!
    • champagne newsclick on the image
    • so you've made the perfect tomato sauceand now we've given you the perfect pasta...click on the image for the recipe
    • It's finally happeningthe New York list kicks off later this week....with Helen Stephan's Flatiron neighbourhood crawl...expect the unexpected
    • more New York in the worksfabulous farmers' markets....image courtesy Christine Baker
    • love bread, heading for New Yorkwe recommend Jim Lahey's Sullivan Street Bakery university of bread...click on the image
    • we were sick of tomatoes....nowwe're sick of chillies....Olive's chilli sambal
    • a mix a blachan, dried shrimp, fresh and dried chillies
    • a posh Northern Italian shop?no Lucia's Fine Foods Adelaide Central Markets has been given a revamp and we like a lot!!! Bring on the liquor license!
    • green olivesour best recipe...click on the image
    • too much to do downunderyes it's time to pickle limes...click on the image for the recipe
    • black, not burnedbe prepared to start and start again until you get it right...Paul Prudhomme's black roux
    • the fundamental basis of gumboand downunder every ingredient is now in season
    • we're mad about breadand this rye is perfect for an Easter breakfast...click on the image
    • and....keep it KIS KIFbutter, smoked salmon, horseradish cream, a little red onion...bliss!
    • cannibal New Yorklove the name and as you might expect no place for vegetarians....just one of many recommendations from Helen Stephan...image from their web site
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art New York member's dining roomfrom our friend Christopher Menz a New York must do! ...image from their web site
    • The Russian Tea Roomsfrom our international contributor Olivia Stratton...image from their web site
    • in Melbourne for Easterslowed a pace or three at Easter there is still plenty to explore
    • The Melbourne Supper Clubone of Australia's best Champagne lists
    • Ash Grunwald at Rockford WinesBarossa Vintage Festival event Tuesday April 2...contact the winery 1800 088 818....click on the image to read more about the music of Ash Grunwald
    • explore the Barossa and enjoy the Barossa Vintage Festival30 March to 7 April, 2013...click on the image for the program

    a dash of international some fabulous pics from the 100th Tanunda Show with kind permission of photographer Dragan Radocaj www.draganradocaj.com and some news of friends far and wide and some great content coming up shortly.

    • the 100th Tanunda Show© copyright DRAGAN RADOCAJ photography..click on the image to go to Dragan's web site
    • it isn't just winemakingthat absorbs the Barossa, footy is also pretty important!!!
    • The Magpie Caféwhere local home cooks show professional cooks a thing or two about dishing up some scrumptious grub
    • Rote Grütze...grape juice and sago puddingcheck out the demographics..so much hope for the future of food
    • knowledge and experiencethe winner of the traditional German cake
    • moved to paradiseif like us you miss the sublime cooking of Ali Cribb and Michael expect some news of their New Zealand venture soon
    • love bread, heading for New Yorkwe recommend Jim Lahey's Sullivan Street Bakery university of bread...click on the image
    • why is our cremé caramel so heavenly???fresh preservative free cream and full cream milk from Jersey Dairy..recipe next week!!!
    • sick of tomatoesof course we are..but we all know we are blessed to have such fab produce!
    • Olive's tomato sauceclick on the image to go to the recipe
    • try Olive's sauce and addPatlin Gardens jumbo olives, roasted and peeled red capsicums, Food Forest zucchini flowers and gorgeous SA squid
    • semi-dried are delicious....butmake sure you put them in EV olive oil and in sterilised jars and seal with sterilised lids
    • gold not just in flavour but pricebut the Australian lamb cutlet remains a heavenly treat....!
    • we love Sydney...art everywhereclick on the image to read about our favourites
    • Thorn Park by the Vinesthe sublime cooking of David Hay, consummate care of Michael Speers...fabulous comfort and style click on the image
    • Athens..the best and worst of foodbut we love this city and we'll be sharing the best with you
    • the end of April, a new review for Noma Champagne editor Kaaren Palmer is travelling in Europe for three months expect some great new stories
    • champagne newsclick on the image
    the 100th Tanunda Show1 it isn't just winemaking2 The Magpie Café3 Rote Grütze...grape juice and sago pudding4 knowledge and experience5 moved to paradise6 love bread, heading for New York7 why is our cremé caramel so heavenly???8 sick of tomatoes9 Olive's tomato sauce10 try Olive's sauce and add11 semi-dried are delicious....but12 gold not just in flavour but price13 we love Sydney...art everywhere14 Thorn Park by the Vines15 Athens..the best and worst of food16 the end of April, a new review for Noma 17 champagne news18

    Kaaren Palmer has totally revamped where to drink Champagne in Adelaide…please CLICK HERE

    It’s the preserving season with so much to be done there isn’t a minute to spare. Our dill gherkins are finished, not quite as good as last year, but still pretty delicious and this week we’re on to sauce…please CLICK HERE to go to our tried and true recipe. Next week it will be prawn and shrimp sambal, glacé chilli and maybe some toffee pears.

    previous…an eclectic list this week from Kaaren Palmer reviewing Providence Los Angeles, the start of the 2013 South Australian vintage and much more!

    february…Kaaren Palmer’s letter from LA…CLICK HERE, the best of Melbourne and a lot of South Australia where so much fantastic seasonal produce can be found!

    end of january…well, it was the Australia Day weekend!

    to see and read about sauchin 2011 and our estages please CLICK HERE

    2012 was spent contemplating how best to move our efforts in China forward and how we can bring more young Chinese hospitality professionals to South Australia (and Australia) to experience the Australian way first hand. This is an inexpensive concept that creates long–term friendships and loyalties. So…expect to hear more from us this year!

    left to right, top to bottom
    • David Laris Sinan Mansion the venue for 2011 sauchin, YUCCA cocktail bar
    • 12 Chairs…Cherry Chan explaining the wines and menu to guests of the South Australian Tourism Commission
    • one of the dishes we presented, sashimi of kingfish
    • Lily Wang contemplating one of her many tastings at Lehmann Wines…currently cellar master for a new Shanghai operation after a stint as sommelier manager for the private members cellar at the Roosevelt
    • Joyce Guo then with T8, currently studying hospitality and wine in Switzerland
    • Liang Tang with the Henscke clan also from T8 now trainer for five restaurants in the Apartment Group

    wine education at the winery, working in the vineyards, restaurants, meeting the people behind the brands on their wine lists, having some fun = long–term commitment… READ MORE about or work

    the great southern rocklobster…crayfish to us, is in season
    Why, we don’t understand, but despite the fact it is highly prized by chefs all over the world, it is disappointingly, hard to find on menus throughout Australia. For some terrific recipes click on the images below.

    left……Southern Rocklobster and Truffle Ravioli, Rocklobster Sauce, Passionfruit Vinaigrette and Caviar (also on our menu for sauchin 2011) and right, Vanilla Cold Roll with Southern Rocklobster and Porcini Salad
    images and recipes © copyright Ann Oliver 2013


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    new December 6, 2016
    The fabulous Beck Hopkins has the Napa nailed a brilliant list…please click here

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    the very famous restaurateur and chef couple Mary and Greg Sonnier gave us fab list that explores the glitz and the ritz and the humble

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    VENICE — a list is coming soon

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    TOKYO — from three stars to tiny noodle bars seating just a few people

    Auntie Mara’s divine Galatabourko…click on the image to go to the absolutely best ever recipe.

    Tuesday July 8, 2014
    Dinner with Olivier Krug at Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant, Adelaide…sold out!
    click here to read more and download the menu and Krug matches.

    Besserat de Bellefon relatively new to South Australia…like to try a glass and enjoyed the mosted favoured food and Champagne match of our recent collaborative Champagne dinner at Chianti Clasico — Kingfish Crudo, slices of kingfish sashimi, Fat Goose Organics grapefruit, salmon caviar, shallot & chervil with a glass of NV Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée des Moines Brut Blanc de Blancs, Champagne, France.

    Keep it simple KIS KIF
    pea and ham soup is everyone’s favourite! Winter in the Southern Hemisphere is a time for going slow and pea and ham soup is not just inexpensive but a favourite with everyone…please click here to go straight to the recipe…new 7 July, 2014

    May 2014
    Riberries (akka Lilly Pilies) and quince with passionfruit curd and Pam Field’s fabulous sponge…not just a showgirl but utterly delicious! click here to read more.

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